Advanced Placement (AP) Program

If you wish to major in psychology should you take ap calculus or ap stats?



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My advice is to definitely take statistics, I believe that it is required for a bachelor's degree in psychology, at least in New York State. It is also required that students take Research Methods 1 and 2 (or Experimental methods 1 & 2)which rely very very heavily on statistics and a strong knowledge of the subject will be very helpful. As for the calculus, it's not required but if you're interested in the subject then take it as an elective, it can only help when you're applying to grad school. You should talk to your guidance counselor on this. Getting information from them will help you make an informed decision. Like previously said, you should definetly take statistics and calculus is always a plus to see on a transcript. And when i was in high school i took an AP Psychlogy course as well as Psychology I and Psychology II. Im not sure if your school offers those courses but if they do you should definetly take them.