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As long as your parents say it is okay, it is legal. Otherwise you need to wait until you are 18 to move out of your parents' house.


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yes, - there is not age limit to being throw out by your parents, the only choice you have it whether you choose to live witht he babys father or not.

It may not be illegal where you live, but her father will probably kick your ass.

It depends where you live. All countries have different legislation.

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No. Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor, so you are still subject to your parents rules and authority. And by the way, the age of sexual consent in CA is 18, so it was illegal for anyone to have sex with you.

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He could be ordered to pay support, as reimbursement to the State. Support is based generally on a percentage of his net income.

That would depend on where you live. Where I live it is not illegal.

a pregnant 16 year old can move out of her parents home if she is legal to give consent and live with her baby's father.

No I don´t think anyone can force a child to have a baby unless it´s illegal where you live.

some times babys can live in one year when they born and they get sick

If she has her parent's permission. Otherwise, she will either have to be married or turn 18.

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