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# You cant have baby's on the Sim's 2 for PlayStation 2, but on the Sim's 2 for PC you will. ---- When your Sim comes back on PlayStation 2 He/She will run to a bathroom to vomit. ---- Your Sim's always come back, and Get Pregnant. ----

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Q: If your abducted by aliens and have a baby how long does it take for the baby to arrive on sims 2 for ps2?
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How do you have an alien baby on sims 2?

You have to get a male sim abducted by aliens. Yes, a male..... First, buy the expensive telescope, and then have the sim stargaze for a LONG time. Eventually, the aliens will come, you will see a hilarious cut-scene, and eventually, the sim will return. After a while, he will show signs of being pregnant, and have a baby.

How do you get abducted by aliens on The Sims 2 PS2?

You buy the most expensive telescope (there is only 2. Get the second one.) And stargaze out of it at night and then later you will be abducted and brought back. I'm not sure if this works, but that's what everyone says!

How do you get abducted by aliens on the Sims 2 pets?

You purchase a telescope and set it outside.After that go outside at nightime and look through the telescope,hopefully your sim will be abducted. Or if you have Sims 2 Free Time, and your Sim has the knowledge aspiration, in aspiration rewards you will have lifetime aspiration benefits. Click that and if you have enough points, you can get the choice 'summon aliens'. At night click on a telescope and do 'summon aliens'. It might take a while for aliens to come and sometimes they don't come. If a man does summon aliens and gets abducted, he usually gets pregnant. I don't think women do. My women haven't got pregnant from aliens yet, but ALL my men that got abducted have. You have to stargaze for a very long time.

Are There Aliens In Sims 3?

Yes there is. If you get your sim to stare through the telescope for long enough then you may be lucky that your sim gets abducted the the aliens but the sims always gets returned eventually.

How do you get abducted by aliens on sims?

if you lose all of your sanity on Sims then an alien will come and abduct you or a man with a bag or something else will come and get you. all you have to do is buy an expensive telescope then at exactly 7:00 at night stargaze for a long time and you have a 50 50 chance of getting abducted

How long does it take for a baby to arrive on rune factory 3?

about 9 days

Are Aliens real a long time a go?

i believe in them but we haven't found out yet

How long does the Adoption Center take to give you a baby on the Sims 3 Ambitions?

The baby should arrive the next morning.

How can you become and alien in the Sims 2 PC?

you cant turn sims into aliens in the game. but u can do cntl+shft+c and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then go to ur telescope wiht your guy and do shift on the telescope and click on the bubble that says get abducted.then when your guy comes back he will be pregnant with an alien baby!

When a boy and a girl snail meet how long deos it take for a baby snails to arrive?

It depends

How do you get abducted by aliens in the sims 2?

Your Sims needs to be stargazing through a telescope at night. After so long time no dependent on your skill or mood your sim will be aducted. If you enter the master code boolProp testingcheatsEnabled true (type excatly the same way) in the box that appears when you hold crtl shift and c . After that hold shift and click the telescope and the option *GET ABDUCTED should show. Click that and your sim will look the telescope and be abducted.

How do you be abducted in sims2castaway?

I think if you look into a telescope or stargaze for a long time you will.