If your accessories all work such as the headlights and dash lights why wouldn't the car start if not the battery?

Could be a number of things. Is your car attempting to turn over (whur-whur-whur sound) or do you not get any response at all when you turn the key. Things to check:

1. Battery partially drained(it takes alot more juice to start a car then to just power your accessories).

2. Ignition coil (provides electricity to your spark plug wires).

3. Distributor cap/rotor (sends this electricity to your spark plugs).

4. Fuel pump.

5. Electrical continuity, espcially grounds. Check to see if all your ground wires are fastened AND tightened.

Maybe the starter, had a problem with mine, got underneath and wiggled the connnection to the starter and would start, eventually I replaced the starter, no problems since.

You could also check the Neutral Safety Switch. This limits the vehicle to only start in Park or Neutral.