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You might want to rephrase your question, but to lose one pound, you must lose one pound. Every 3500 calories is one pound.

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Q: If your an adult how many pounds to lose to lose a pound?
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How many pounds do you lose if you lose 200 calories?

Only about an ounce (2/35 of a pound).

How many pounds can you lose if you dont eat for 2 days?

1 pound

How many calories do you have to lose to lose 23 pounds?

there are 3,500 calories in a pound so times that by 23 and your answer is80,500

How many pounds can you lose without eating for two weeks?

1 pound xD

How many pounds of pressure get taken off your knees for each pound you lose?


How many pounds of water do we carry to a pound of weight?

The adult male is 65 % water, the adult female is 55% water.

Can you lose a pound every day?

There are many people that can lose a pound of weight every day but it is not healthy to do so. Losing one to two pounds a week is a good amount to lose.

How many pounds can you lose in 5 days?

Frankly it is very unhealthy to lose even 1 pound in 5 days.

How many pounds do you have to lose in a day to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks?

3 weeks is 21 days. If you lose about a pound a day, you'll reach your goal in 3 weeks.

If you lose 17500 calories in a week how many pounds will you lose?

you will lose about 5 pounds. Because for every 3400 calories you burn it is a pound, so take 17500 and divide it by 3400

How many pounds per week should you aim to lose?

Anything from one half pound to two pounds is excellent.

How many pounds can you lose in a week?

In order to lose one pound, you need to burn approximately 3,500 more calories than you consume. How many pounds you lose depends on your caloric intake and exercise level.

How many calories do you have to burn to lose 20 pounds?

You need to burn about 3,500 calories per pound. Then you need to burn 70,000 calories to lose 20 pounds.

How many pounds can you lose from walking 3-5 miles a day?

its impossible to lose a pound a can lose a pound every 4 days if u burn 800 calories off working out and watch your calorie in take.if you do this for a year you will lose up too 90-100 pounds. (:

How many pounds do you lose by sleeping 8 hours a night?

it usually varies from an insignificant amount to a pound

How many pound can you lose riding a bike for 30 mins four times a week?

Two pounds

How many sit ups a day to lose three pounds?

you should do 3000... 1000 is one pound..

How many pounds of coconut in a pound How many pounds of dates in a pound How many pounds of miniature marshmallows in a pound?

1 pound 1 pound 1 pound lol, you did mean weight wise right?

How many pounds do you lose in a mile?

you can not lose a full pound from a mile, but you can burn up to 240 calories in just one mile of walking

How many miles do you need to run if you weigh 258 pounds to lose a pound?

depends how much u want to lose good luck

How many pounds in a pound?

1 pound is in a pound.

How many pounds do blue jays weigh?

An average adult Bluejay weighs 3.5 ounces, or about quarter of a pound.

How many pounds will you lose if you did 1000 crunches?

How many pounds you will lose if you did 1,000 crunches depends upon your age, gender and your start weight. It is said that it takes 250,000 crunches to burn 1 pound of fat.

How many steps do you have to take to lose 2 pounds?

It takes an approximately 3,500 calorie deficit to lose one pound, which averages 77,000 steps. This means it would take 154,000 steps to lose 2 pounds.

How many pounds can you lose a month?

how many pounds can you lose in 5 months