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If your are 13 and weigh 83 pounds is that normal?

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It depends on whether you are a boy or girl, and on your height. Go here for more:

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What is the average weight for a 4'9 boy in pounds?

Well the average weight is about 83 pounds. i am 13 and weigh 73 pounds so it just depends

How much is 5 stone and 13 in pounds?

5 stone and 13 equates to 83 pounds (14 pounds per stone + 13 = 83).

Are you fat if you weigh 83 pounds in fifth grade?

You are not considered fat at all if you weight 83 pounds in the 5th grade. This is actually thought of as a healthy weight for children of this age to weigh.

How many stone and pounds is 83 kilos?

83 kilos = 13 stones 1 pound

Are you overweight if you are eleven and are 4 feet 9 inches tall and weigh 100lbs?

Yes, but only if you have a normal build. I am that height but I weigh 82-83 pounds. Don't worry about tit too much though.

How much would you weigh on Mars if you weigh 220 pounds on Earth?

The surface gravity on Mars is about 38% of the Earth's. 220 x 0.38 = 83.6 : So, you would weigh about 83 (and a half) pounds.

Is it okay if you are 12 and you are 4'9 and weigh 83 pounds?

If you have a large build, you are great! If you have a normal build, you are a little chunky, because that's exactly how much I weigh and people say I should be around 75-80. But if you and me are only 3 pounds outside that range then it's completely OK!

How much are you supposed to weigh if you are a 5 foot girl?

your supposed to weigh about 90 to 110 pounds. im guessing im 83 pounds and im 4 foot 11.

What is 83kgs in stones and pounds?

Answer: 83 kg = 13 stone and 0.98 lbs.

What is 83 kilograms in pounds?

83 kilograms = 182.983678 pounds

How much is a 4 foot 5 man supposed to weigh?

Anywhere from 83- 90 pounds. 88.3 is the exact

How many pounds is 83 kilos?

83 kilograms = 182.98 pounds.

How much is 83 kg in pounds?

83 kilograms = 182.98 pounds.

83 kilo how many pounds?

83 kilo is 182.98 pounds.

How many pounds is 83 kg?

83 kilograms = 182.98 pounds.

.83 pounds how many ounces?

.83 pounds mass is equal to 13.28 ounce mass .83 pounds force is equal to 13.28 ounce force

How much should a 4 ft 7 inch boy weigh?

I believe a 4 ft 7 inch boy would weigh between 68 - 83 pounds.

If you weigh 83 pounds and you are 10 years old are you overweight?

yes that is very healthy and i might be worried if a ten year old was anything less than 75 pounds.

How many pounds is 83 kilograms?

8 pounds?83 kg = 182.983 lbyes. exactly 182.983678 pounds

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