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When your without a suite in outerspace, your body is vulnerable (can't spell, LOL) to many things. Think of yourself out in Space, what do you think could happen?

-- Suffication




Also you could float out into space with no way to return..

--Starvation (thats if you havent sufficated already)

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What happens if you are born in outer space?

You will die because you dont have a suit on. There is not oxygen in outerspace.

Is it possible to fart in outerspace?

Yes so long as the presure in your space suit isn't to high.

Is there a black hole in outerspace?

Yes There Is A BlackholeIn Outerspace And That Blackhole Has A Lot Of Energy Once You Get In You Can't Get Out And You Can Maybe Start A New World Or Die In The Blackhole! I Hope This Was The Answer You Needed!

How do you get Jirachi in Outerspace in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't get Jirachi in Outerspace.

Would your body explode if you went to outerspace without a suit?

yes because you cannot breathe so your body would compress do to the force of the space around it.

Are there aliens in outerspace?


When was Outerspace - album - created?

Outerspace - album - was created on 2004-03-25.

Can sound travel in outerspace?


Who does studies of outerspace?

a astronomer does it.

Does outerspace have sound?

Outerspace has no sound. This is because outerspace is essentially devoid of matter, and matter is required for sound. Sound is a physical phenomenon of a travelling pressure wave, and in space there is essentially no gas or media to transmit a wave.

What colors are the stars in outerspace?

The stars in outerspace are bright white. Just like the sun. Although they look yellow or an off white, this is only because of the Earth's atmosphere. It is true, stars are white in outerspace but appear yellow.

When did Hal Suit die?

Hal Suit died on 1994-11-20.

When did Samuel Taylor Suit die?

Samuel Taylor Suit died in 1888.

Do you go outerspace in Pokemon emerald?


How does outerspace affect the body?

it doesn't

What do nebula's do in outerspace?

Because they just do!

What would astronauts eat in outerspace?


Are aliens for outerspace real?

Yas they are.

Where did the Aztecs and myans originate?


Why cant you put trash in outerspace?

trash is already in outerspace;all those satellites we humans have been launching since the 50`s.

How many people live in outerspace?

how would i know i don't live in outerspace you retards. god get a life and stop asking stupid questions!!.

Did we all come from outerspace?

No.Thats silly.

How many people have been in outerspace?


How many miles till your in outerspace?


How long is a cyclone from outerspace?

There are no cyclones in space.

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