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If your his best friend, you honor that friendship and just do the right thing. Reverse the situation, think about it, and I believe you will get the point.

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Yes I am her friend and i think she is the best girlfriend oviously for boys! She goes to swanage middle

go with the guy she kinda likes if she goes with the other one her friend will get mad at her and not talk to her anymore and you should let your friend be happy with her boyfriend

in chapter 1 slam goes to try out for the basketball team. in chapter 2 slam goes and hangs ot with his best friend and his on and off girlfriend. in chapter 3 his grandmother goes to the hostipal.

Akon's best friend Is rachel that goes to my school by:Taylor Ily rachel

Just tell your best friend how you feel. They'll understand.

i think that you should tell your best friend that if she goes out with him that you will not be her friend

well you cant help how you feel, or who your attracted. this friend cant help how he/she feels but this friend can help what he/she does about it. Does your best friend approve of this? Tell your best friend to talk to this friend about the situation

In the first place dont hold it against your best friend. If you like your x more the your best friend start competing with her

You shouldn't get her anything that goes overboard. Valentine's day isn't about how much you spend, it's about how much you care about your girlfriend. dozen roses are always nice or locket necklace with you/her picture in it. Chocolate is a girl's best friend!!

You tell your friend you saw what she did and see where it goes from there.

Absolutely, I am a girl and my best friend (he's a boy) and I have talked about becoming boy friend girlfriend but then we've decided that we won't work out beyond friendship because we go to different churches

we'll the good thing is to tell your best friend and see how he/she goes with it

say "you are my best friend, so i can tell you anything here it goes i have bipolar" hope that helps you.

if your talking about the one that goes... Hes my best friend best of all best friends do you have a best friend too? he tickles in my tummy hes so yummy yummy...... then that song is by toybox

get a new crush You tell that friend that you like him, and if she goes after him, she's not your best friend. If she backs off, then you'll be ok.

Solution: There really is no answer. That's how it goes, don't make your life a drama over this girl.

if she knows that you like him,than she oviesly not a true friend

If he was a good best friend he would stop going for this girl.

if a friend goes out with your ex you cant stop her your have to let her be happy. the same goes for your ex ,you cant have him forever so the best thing to do is forgive them .im not saying forgive and forget but you gave to at least let it go.

because your friend has found someone else who they like.

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