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Q: If your bike tires are 20x2.125 will a tire 20x2.1 work?
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How many decimeters in a bike tire?

Impossible to answer, bike tires comes in different sizes.

Are tires a conductor?

is a bike tire a insulater or conducter

Where can I get discount tire for my bike?

You can get discount tire for your bike from;

Why are bike tires inflated to a higher pressure than car tires?

Becuse that's what it says on the sidewall of the tire... "inflate to...". Bike tires have a higher number there than car tires do. ;-). OK - actually it is a factor of the ratio of the tire's footprint size to the weight supported. Bike tires have a very small area that contacts the surface and therefore require a higher pressure to support the weight.

How thick is a GMC Denali Road Bike tire?

That's not so easy to answer, as there's no guarantee that the bike still has the original tires. If it has any tires on it's usually printed on the tire sidewall what size it is. I'll post a link with info on rim / tire combos.

Where can one find replacement bike tires?

Bicycle tires can be bought and replaced easily at many biking stores. Bicycle Warehouse, Performance Bike, and Bicycle Tutor all sell replacement bike tires as well as teach one how to replace a bike tire.

How do you take the tires off 1986 kawasaki ninja zx600?

Tires off the rim, or the tire and rim off the bike?

What is the co2 bottles for on the bike tires?

To rapidly inflate the tire/tube in case of a flat.

Who is the manufacturer of Aspen brand tires?

Aspen is a bike tire made by Maxxis. -Reputed to be very good off-road tires.

Where can someone purchase bike tires for road use?

Someone can purchase bike tires for road use from Canadian Tire. They have knowledgeable staff that are able to help you with your purchases. Their information is excellent.

Where do you get front tires for wrff bikes?

It's very improbable that there's a special tire for that bike. Make a note of the tire size and you should be able to get a replacement at just about any bike store.

What size bike tire should I buy?

If you bought a new complete bike (not just the frame) you can look at the sidewall of the tires to find out what size you'll need. Many bike manufacturers also list tire requirements online.