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Impossible to answer, bike tires comes in different sizes.

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Q: How many decimeters in a bike tire?
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How many pounds does a tire weigh?

depends on what kind of tire you are talking about like a bike tire or car tire or a motorcycletire slash /dirt bike tire. be more specific next time. bub!

How do I find a replacement bike tire?

In order to find the proper replacement for your bike tire you need to measure the wheel and determine which type of tire your bike uses. You can also take it to a bike repair shop and they can help you pick out a replacement tire.

How do you find a bike tire?

You can find a bike tire by visiting a local bike shop or even a retail store like Walmart.

What size bike tire should I buy?

If you bought a new complete bike (not just the frame) you can look at the sidewall of the tires to find out what size you'll need. Many bike manufacturers also list tire requirements online.

Can you use the air pump at the gas station to fill up a bike tire?

Yes, but you may need a special adapter to connect the air pump at the gas station to your bike tire. Many manual hand bike pumps are also available which can be used to inflate your bike tires.

Where is the fork on a bike?

The fork of the bike is where the front tire is placed.

How much does it cost to change the bike tire?

It takes very little skill or effort to change a bike tire. Anyone who rides a bike should be able to do it.

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A man drove 2000 miles with his family without knowing he had a flat tire How come?

there was a bike in the car and the bike had a flat tire

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