If your boyfriend fingered you with semen on his hands and you're 9 days late but two HPTs read negative could you still be pregnant and what are the chances?

Why is your boyfriend fingering you with semen on his hand and why would you let him do that to you if you know if semen gets inside of the uterus what it will do so what do you think the odds of you being pregnant are 10 to 1 because once semen hits the air it dies so in order for him get you pregnant his penis must have in you other than that who knows be careful of what you let your boyfriend sometimes if you have sex though before your period it pushes it back so don't be frighten just wait if it does start for another two weeks or so then be concerned. yes - you could be. Wait another week and try another HPT. Semen does NOT die when it hits air - so it is a possibility. Good luck :)