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No a man who cheats is worthless. Move on.

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Q: If your boyfriend had another girl should you fight over him?
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Should a girl ever fight with her ex boyfriend new girlfriend?

A girl should never fight with her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend. The girl should move on and let her ex and his new partner do the same since fighting will not solve anything.

Should you let your wife have a boyfriend?

If you are a girl then yes maybe. But if you are a guy you should not be married If she has another boyfriend

What should you do if your boyfriend dumped you for a prittyer girl?

Find another boyfriend that's cuter than he is

What should you do if your boyfriend has another girl and he keep lying?

Dump him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should you still be with your boyfriend if he told another girl he was in love with her?


How can you tell if another girl is flirting with your boyfriend?

It's obvious if someone is flirting with your boyfriend. The question should be, "Does your boyfriend care?" The answer to THAT question determines how you should handle the situation. ;)

You saw your boyfriend kiss another girl and it made you heartbroken should you let him go?

no you should kiss another man

How do you get your girlfriend to fight another girl?

girlfriend s presence you should look hard for another girl so that your girl thinks that the other girl is flirting with you.

What should you do if a friend is trying to break-up a girlfriend and boyfriend and she is getting another girl to work with her in this?

If your friend is working with another girl to try and break you and your boyfriend up, she is not your friend. The best thing to do is make your boyfriend aware of their game and ignore them both.

My boyfriend's talking to another girl and they're planning on getting together my friends say i have to break up with him but i love him and i can't break up with him what should i do?

you should find out who the girl is and make her back off, but if you don't wanna fight, you should talk to him about it, and if he says he ain't talking to another girl, make one of your friends show you and him proof that they know he has been talking to another girl and see what he does, it may hurt but later on you'll know that you don't disserve a guy hurting you

What if your boyfriend likes another girl?

Then forget about him hun. He is your boyfriend for cryin out loud! He should be focused on only one girl.. and that's you! You can do alot better then him.. I'm sure!:)

If your boyfriend thinks another girl is hot is he cheating on you?

Kinda but not really. You should think of it as just another girl that looks like you. (if you know what i mean)

What will you choose your boyfriend will die or he will be married to another girl?

If he wants to marry another girl he's not your boyfriend.

Girl in another country who has a boyfriend what should you do?

what is the problem here? bf the country probably.

What does it mean when your boyfriend dreams about kissing another girl?

it means you should ask her to have a threesome

What should you do when you boyfriend flirts with another girl?

Ignore it. Everyone flirts. You don't own him.

What would you do if your boyfriend fancied another girl?

If you knew that your boyfriend liked another girl you really should sit and talk with him to see if he is committed to you or if you should end your relationship. Unfortunately when someone begins to like someone else during a relationship the outcome is never good.

What should i do if your boyfriend is acting weird and he's receiving msg from another girl what should i do?

Let him and his ego gooooooooooo!

Should you get back with your boyfriend after you found out he have a crush on another girl?

If he truly wants you back, then of course!

Should your boyfriend buy birthday gift if you have been apart for 7 months?

No, Not if he has another girl

What do when your boyfriend sleeps with another girl?

i would slap him in the face and walk away you should do the same

What should you do when your boyfriend makes out with another girl?

It really is up to you. Personally I think you would be better off with a guy who doesn't make out with another girl as you deserve better.

I want my BF back but I was the other girl but I know he loved me and still does so what should I do I don't trust the girl he is with?

If you want your boyfriend back, who is currently with another girl, simply approach the other girl and tell her to stop spending with your boyfriend.

How do you get a girl that's already got a boyfriend?

You shouldn't be trying to go out with a girl that already has a boyfriend. You have to respect the fact that she is with another guy and respect him and her. You can be her friend and that's it. If she knows that you like her and she likes you back she should know what to do, if she wants to be with you or her boyfriend.

What should you do if a girl wants to fight you for your boyfriend but he doesn't want to tell her that you two go out because he is worried for you?

First,look at all sides of the situation. #1.your boyfriend does not want to tell the girl that he goes out with you because he is probably with the other girl.If he loves you then he should have no reason to hide it from her that you two go together. Take it from me,unknown to your boyfriend,ask this girl if you and she can please talk,tell her you are not interested in fighting,you would like to clear the air because you do not understand why she would want to fight you.If she tells your that your boyfriend is also her boyfriend,let her know you didn't know and leave that loser alone.