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ADD is a genetic pattern. Just as children from the same two parents look somewhat the same, yet somewhat different, so the prevalence of ADD may vary.

The genetic markers may exist, but be recessive in some, and more prominent in others. The chance exists, but it is no guarantee.

the chances are pretty high. sorry

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Who would you consider more of a biological brother and sister children that are born from the same mother different father or children from the same father different mother?

Since the father and mother each contribute half (23 chromosomes) of the genetic material needed to form a child (46 chromosomes), the brother and sister are equal in terms of biological similarity, no matter if they had a different mother (same father) or father (same mother). However, if any of the father/mother pairs are related, the result is skewed.

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If your father and brother both had Asperger's Syndrome does this mean any children you have will be born with it?

No, it does not mean that all of your children will be born with autism or Asperger's Syndrome. However, because the condition has a genetic component, it means that there is a greater likelihood that you have that gene, in which case you might pass it on to some of your children. You can get tested for the gene if you want so you know if there's a possibility of passing it on to your children

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My father and his 2 siblings were born with macular degeneration. When I have children is it possible my children will be born with macular degeneration?

Its very rare to be born Macular Degenerate.. My mam has Macular Degeneration and my sister is Macular Dystrophy. Also my mams siblings have been diagnosed Macular Degenerate 1 brother and 7 sisters. Quite a few of their children my cousins have been diagnosed with this degenerate disease too, unfortunately some of my cousins children have also been diagnosed. It is a hereditary disease, so i too also worry about my children. I have two, so far they are not showing any signs. The chances of having the gene and passing it are high, genes can switch on and off like a light switch... you might just get lucky :)