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Child's Learners permit and Parental Responsibility:

A Drivers Permit comes with all the responsibilities of anyone who operates a motor vehicle on public roads, including financial responsibility. When you purchased your auto policy, part of the language of the insuring contract requires that you notify the insurer within 30 days of any change in risk factors associated with your policy. Failure to add a new driver to your policy, especially a minor child, can constitute parental negligence and material misrepresentation of the risk assumed by your insurer when they issued your policy and can result in a denial of any coverage in the event of a loss.

Insurers often cover negligence claims against their insured arising from undisclosed young or otherwise high risk drivers.

Excluded or included Drivers?

It looks like there are two questions here, but really they fall under the same answer.

One, if your kid is excluded from driving one of your vehicles, it's pretty much a "done deal." By that, it means that anytime he drives one of your vehicles -- even if it's just to park the car -- he would be excluded. Your insurance company wouldn't pay for any damages he caused if he had an accident (though sometimes they will pay the damages to your own vehicle under your first-party coverage).

If he's just gotten a learner's permit, and you plan on letting him drive (even with you in the car), the exclusion would still apply. You can argue with your carrier until you're blue in the face, but if the exclusion still exists, they won't cover damages he causes while driving.

Your best bet: Remove the exclusion and, as your carrier suggests, add your kid on as an occasional driver. A lot of companies offer the "occasional driver" provision, so you're probably going to save money that way. However, once your kid gets his actual license, and starts driving regularly, he needs to be added on as a regular driver.

Company Underwriting

In the state of California, this depends on your carrier. Many carriers require that the child be added as a driver as soon as he/she gets the permit. Others state that the child does not have to be added to the policy until he/she gets a license.

Assume coverage and hope for the best?

Don't even think of calling Geico, they will automatically add your child to the policy and you HAVE to pay for it or sign an exclusion, just for asking.

As far as I understand, your insurance agency has to cover anything that happens while your child is driving and you are beside him/her even if you concealed the fact that they were driving under a parental negligence claim.

Then, after he or she obtains his/her license, then go and make sure they are insured.

Insurance Contract Obligations

Your insurance contract likely has wording that says you have an obligation to report changes such as this. It is the same language that makes it mandatory to report accidents. A lot of companies don't start charging for the child until they get a regular or graduated license, however.

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Q: If your child gets a learners permit do you have to add them to your policy?
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Does a 15 and a half year old with a learners permit need his own insurance policy or is he covered under the parents policy?

He is covered under his parents' policy until he gets his own car and license.

What happens if you get a reckless driving ticket with a learners permit?

If a person with only a learners permit gets a reckless driving ticket, they will have to pay the ticket. Depending on the state they may be required to attend classes, and their insurance rates will go up.

What happens when you get a speeding ticket while having a learners permit?

If you are with someone that is teaching you how to drive I think that is the person who gets the ticket.

If you get a learners permit will your parents insurance go up?

Yes, the premium will increase as you must be included as a driver in their policy. I disagree. It depends on the insurance company. Mine told me my rates will not go up when my son gets his permit, but they do want to be notified. Rates will go up when he becomes licensed.

Do you have to have insurance if you have a learners permit in Texas?

You must have insurance to operate a motor vehicle. Either the Learner can obtain Liability Insurance or The Owner of the vehicle you are learning to drive, can have you placed on their insurance policy. Being on a learners permit does not exclude you from financial responsibility requirements of the law. When the learner gets his permanent license and drives on their own the law requires that driver to be covered either as an addition to parent's policy or an individual policy. I have been through this three times with my three teenagers in the past three and a half years here in Texas. Go to website or call insurance agent.

Will Liberty Mutual raise your insurance if your son gets a learners permit?

According to Liberty Mutual, in most states, when a teen has their permit and is learning to drive under supervision in the vehicle, they are automatically covered under their parent's insurance. To clarify, it depends on your state and you will have to contact Liberty Mutual to find out.

You live in Maryland you have PA learners permit can you drive in Maryland with out of state learners permit answer is yes?

Yes, you can but you must know the laws there because you may be fined for something you don't know about. Rules could be different but if you live there and drive with Maryland tag for a long time ex change of address, go mva and get new tags for car. I was wondering, coulod you help me with a question : If a person in ' Maryland gets a second learners permit, do you have to wait another six months Yes, but car tags have to change if you live( have permanent address in there) any other questions feel free to email me:

How will the one child policy affect China in the future?

Well the one child policy in china wasn't an issue for them at the moment in fact it will reduse but before it gets too bad they should recheck there math and change it to a 2 child policy. So to answer your question yes it will be a futur problem if not addressed

In Michigan if a child can move out of their parents home at age 17 then are the parents still legally or financially responsible for the child?

According to the officers I spoke with two years ago when my 17-yo moved out, no. The parent is not legally or financially responsible for the child, is my understanding that if the child is still covered by your insurance, you are still responsible for whatever medical bills are incurred that are not covered by the insurance until the child is no longer covered or is taken off the policy. Also, if there is an accident or the child is hurt, the parent is not automatically notified, either, because in the eyes of the state, the child is an "adult." BUT, if your child has a driver's permit, you will need to revoke it, because you CAN be held liable for any accident your child causes while only being in possession of a permit. But if that child doesn't have a permit and drives anyway, and gets in an accident or anything, that child is responsible, not you, only so long as you revoke the permit and take him off your auto insurance.

At what age should you add an 18 yr old to auto insurance policy?

Whatever age you are at when the 18 year old gets their permit to start driving!

Should you tell your insurance co when your child gets a learners permit?

It would be a good idea; you can expect your rates to change if you take on a teen driver, and it's better you take care of that sooner than later. (They could deny a claim, if a non-covered motorist is involved in an accident.) You may want to speak with your local agent about it.

Does your car insurance go up if your teenager gets his driving permit?

Yes, the parents insurance does go up when you add your child even if it is only a learner's permit. If you have more questions, I would contact your insurance company.

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