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No, the only parties who can obtain coverage are the ones who actually own the home.

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Q: If your credit in poor and your home owners insurance dropped you can you have a sibling take out insurance on your house?
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Can home owners policy insurance be dropped?

Sure, If you don't need it anymore no since paying for it.

Is Auto Owners Insurance Company a parent company of Utica Mutual Insurance Group?

No. Auto-Owners is the parent company of Owners Insurance, Southern-Owners Insurance, Property Owners Insurance, Home-Owners Insurance, Auto-Owners Life Insurance. They have no affliation with Utica

If the computer is accidentally dropped and ruined is it covered on home owners insurance?

depends on the policy. however your deductible will probably be $1000 so it is probably not worth it to replace it with insurance money.

Will home owners insurance cover a broken TV and laptop due to a fall?

yes, unless you dropped it or maliciously or deliberatly caused it damage.

What is home owners insurance?

Uhmm,, Let me Guess? Is it Insurance that covers an owners HOME perhaps?

What type of insurance does the Auto Owners Insurance Company provide?

Auto Owners Insurance Company seems to provide their customers with many different policies. They have Auto, Life, home owners, contents and renters insurance available for all budgets.

What types of insurance does 21st Auto Insurance offer?

The types of insurance offered by 21st Auto Insurance are: Home Owners insurance, renters insurance, manufactured/mobile home insurance, speciality home-owners insurance, flood insurance, antique auto insurance, to name a few.

Difference between h03 and h05 home owners insurance?

Difference between h03 and h05 home owners insurance?

Does home owners insurance cover lost jewelry?

Only if you had your jewelry appraised and included it onto your home owners insurance

Can a Home owners association require home owners to purchase liability insurance other than homeowners insurance?


Is there insurance that pays mortgage if one of two owners dies?

Yes. It's called Mortgage Life Insurance or Credit Life Insurance and is sold by the lenders. But if you can qualify (no outstanding health problems) it may be cheaper to get a decreasing life insurance policy or a whole life policy on your own.

Does homeowners insurance continue after the owners death?

Homeowners insurance will continue after an owners death. The Homeowners insurance policy will typically be paid for by the executor of the estate and become his or her responsibility.

Non owners insurance- can you get registration tags?

NO, Non Owners insurance is seconday coverage. No pimary covered Vehicle is implied.

Are owner's equity accounts increased by debits?

Owners Equity accounts are increased by a credit. If you look at the accounting equation you will see the logic Assets = Liabilities + Owners Equity You can't add a debit + credit. So Owners Equity Increases with a credit.

Are there any disadvantages in obtaining very cheap home owners insurance?

There are many disadvantages in obtaining very cheap home owners insurance. The main disadvantage to obtaining very cheap home owners insurance is that it may not be reliable due to the price.

Does Allstate insurance offer home owners insurance?

Yes, Allstate does offer home owners insurance. Use their online agent locator with your ZIP or postal code to find the closest home insurance agent near you.

Does your home owners insurance cover your foundation?


Should car owners have insurance?


Does home owners insurance cover murder?


What insurance company will over savings to Volvo owners?

Liberty Mutual Insurance provides discounts for Volvo owners. Liberty Mutual Insurance has been providing Auto insurance for over 100 years. It is the only insurance provider that, Volvo has chosen to be a partner.

What is non owners insurance?

Non Owners InsuranceNon Owners insurance - Auto Liability Insurance for Drivers who own no vehicle. It is also known as:1. Drivers Insurance2. Operators InsuranceNon Owners insurance is generally a Named Driver Policy Form (no other drivers are covered) and provides Secondary Auto Liability coverage along with other optional coverages.such as:1. Medical2. Uninsured / Under insured motorists3. Enhanced Personal LiabilityHappy Motoring

Can a sibling be forced to sell property in Oregon in one out of two owners want to sell?

Yes, you can sue for sale in partition without consent of the other owners.

Where can one go to get comparisons on home owners insurance rates?

RBC insurance, provides homeowner with insurance rates that are reliable and accurate. They help home owners get the best insurance by helping them compare rates of homes with other homes.

What is the difference between home owners insurance and hazard insurance?

Homeowners insurance is often referred to as Hazard Insurance. They are the same thing.

How do you get car insurance for yourself if you don't have a car?

You can buy Non-Owners Auto Insurance.