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No, but any properties or such things as cars, boats, etc., will be sold and creditors are paid off. These were your father's debts and unless your mother is living then that's the end of it. If you mother is living then she is responsible for the debts and will have to appear in court. You are not responsible unless you have signed as cosigner for a loan or any properties or articles such as a car, motorhome, etc., are in both your names. * In the US a deceased person cannot be sued. The creditor must make a claim against the estate. Debts are paid according to their priority and to the extent of non exempt assets belonging to the debtor. Only surviving spouse's who lived in a community property state at the time of the death of the other spouse are sometimes not always, responsible for debts incurred solely by the deceased. Respond to the law firm filing the suit with the case and docket numbers of the probate filing.

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Q: If your deceased father is being sued do you have to pay if his estate is exhausted?
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What is the process to get a sibling to release all interest in a deceased father's estate after being compensated?

the process is them some space

What is an heir?

An heir is someone that inherits from an estate due to being a descendant or relative of the deceased.

How do you prove being the daughter of the deceased father in order to bury him?

Your birth certificate.

If your deceased grandmother left money to your deceased father who was the beneficiary who then receives the money?

You should speak with an attorney who specializes in probate law in your state. If the estate is being probated then speak with the attorney who is handling the state. See the information in the related question link provided below.

If there is 2 siblings can 1 sibling do anything in an estate without the other?

Not nearly enough information is given. If the "estate" being referred to is the 'estate' of a deceased parent(s) the siblings have only as much authority over the estate as the will of the deceased allows them. They each inherit individually what the will gives them, and if they inherit anything jointly, they cannot do anything with their joint-inheritance without BOTH being in agreement. It sounds like the questioner needs the advice of an attorney.

What is New York State Law if a child is born out of wedlock and wants to inherit from his deceased father?

Being born out of wedlock does not bar a child from inheriting from his deceased father. However, if the father left the child out of the will then that child might not be able to inherit anything without contesting the will in court.

How do you get first in line as a creditor when the person is deceased?

You must file a claim against the estate of the deceased with the Probate Court of the county in which the will is being probated. This procedure may vary from state-to-state and you may find it necxessary to file a lien against their real estate and/or personal proerty to bring the fact that you are a creditor to the attention of either the Executor of the estate or Probate Court

Could property be in the name of a dead person for reasons of description?

A deceased person cannot "own," "possess," or "hold," anything, although their estate's may do so. For instance: If a deceased's property was being listed for sale it would be worded something like - "The Estate of John B. Doe" offers for sale........

How can you use he word eulogy in a sentence?

Doug gave the eulogy at his father's funeral. (Eulogy being the speech in praise of the deceased).

Is exhausted a verb?

in the sentence "joe is exhausted" exhausted is a pronoun, describes "joe" the noun in the sentence "joe exhausted all of his options" exhausted is a verb, describing what the noun is doing or has done depends on how the word is being used

If the deceased does not leave a legal Will and has stated their fiance is their 'next of kin' is the fiance entitled to the deceased's estate in Alberta Canada?

The province will have specific rules of intestacy (an estate without a will). In most place the fiancee has no legal standing to claim anything. Being listed as Next of Kin on forms does not provide a legal status of any type.

Do illegitimate children inherit from their deceased parent's estate in sc?

Legitimacy is not a requirement. Proof of being the descendant of the deceased is required. This is a case were consulting with a probate attorney in South Carolina would be a good idea. Most will probably talk with you about it for no charge.

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