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If your pet gets sprayed by a skunk, wash him with Dawn dish detergent. Just as Dawn cuts grease on dirty dishes, it will cut the oil in the skunk spray. I would ask your vet about treating the mouth.

Seriously, according to Mythbusters, a baking soda bath works better than Tomato Juice.

Easy tomato-juice bath, then I take my dog to a regular bath.

If you want your dog to smell like tomato juice and skunk spray, give it a tomato juice bath. If you want to get rid of the skunk smell quick, mix 1 quart hydrogen peroxide with a quarter cup of baking soda and a squirt of dog shampoo in a plastic bucket. Add a cup of water and mix thoroughly. Put on some rubber gloves and get the dog in the grass and apply mixture with sponge or wash rag. Let it sit for 15 minutes and give it a regular bath. The odor will be neutralized and you won't have a pink dog. I have 2 labs and live in the country and they get hit at list twice a year. This works. Don't premix the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and store in the cabinet as the solution is highly unstable; e.g. kaboom....

I tried peroxide, tomato juice and baking soda. All it does is spreads the skunk oil and the smell. Dog shampoos masks the odor temporarily. Veterinarians use Doggicleen Skunk Spray. It works!

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Yes, skunk spray in a dog's mouth can make them sick.

It probably got skunk spray in its mouth, which can make it hard to taste anything but it. Best way to deal with it is to wash the poor dog's mouth with tomato juice or some other skunk removing substance that's non-toxic. I'd see your vet.

you cant without a skunk but you can make some other really horrible smells

a skunk is an animal that farts and make a huge amount of bad smell.

Skunks make a nasty odor when they feel threatened by enemies. The odor often instantly makes the enemy flee. If the odor is sprayed on a human, a method to get it off is to bath in tomato juice.

Skunk smell can make certain people who are sensitive to the smell be nauseous or even vomit. Skunk smell can also explode red blood cells, causing anemia, skin paling, and fatigue. The smell also has the ability to keep some people awake at night, causing their body to grow tired and vulnerable to disease. Fortunately though, most people have no serious reaction to skunk smell, and some people even adore it!

The cat is foaming from being exposed to the gaseous spray from the skunk (sort of like if you had been sprayed in the face with mustard gas), foaming and drooling from the mouth, as well as watery eyes and nose are some side affects a sprayed victim is going to exhibit. This is how the body naturally responds in trying to get rid of/wash away the skunk spray. If an animal or person had been infected by rabies they would not instantly show symptoms of the infection (this only happens in movies such as, "Twenty Eight Days Later"). It usually takes 20 to 60 days for the infected victim to show the classic rabies symptoms; such as violent behavior, foaming of the mouth (due to painful swallowing and the inability to drink water), excessive physical sensitivity (sight, sound, touch), etc... In order for the victim to have the rabies virus it would have had to have been bitten by the infected animal or been sprayed in the eyes, mouth, or open wound by the virus infested saliva. Of corse two of the main urban area carries of rabies are usually skunks and raccoons, so unless you live on a rabies free island it would be best to make sure that all of your outdoor pets are up to date on all of their shots (even a cow can become infected with rabies).

The lion, no question. Skunk spray would simply make the lion even more determined to kill the skunk.

Real skunk "perfume" smells just like the chemical, 'Butyl mercaptan'.

Because it needs to protect itself. Example: A human has a large net and wants to catch the skunk in it. The skunk sees him and sprays him so the human runs away and leaves the skunk alone to eat in peace.

woodchucks make burrows in the ground. When they abandon these, the skunk moves in. It doesn't harm or help the woodchuck, but it benefits the skunk because they get a house out of the deal

the skunk finds the sticks

Make up the following mixture and spray it on your car where the smell seems to be. . If you get the mixture on all the skunk smell it reacts chemically to kill the smell. ( Works great on dogs and other animals that may have been sprayed.) 1 quart of 3 percent Peroxide 1/4 cup Baking Soda 1 tsp of liquid Soap

Home Insurance for Skunk Vandal?No. A skunk is not a vandal. it is a pest and this is a maintenance issue. If your home foundation is properly skirted and vented a skunk could not get under it. Also a skunk odor is a temporary odor that will dissipate usually in a few days or a week or two at most. It may be a nuisance but it is not a covered peril under the terms of a homeowners insurance policy.If you want to get rid of the odor a little faster just throw some tomato juice around wherever you think the skunk sprayed. It should accelerate the dissipation of the odor. It would not make since for an insurance company to spend thousands of dollars in claims adjustment time just to send someone to your home to spray around with a 5 dollar bottle of tomato juice.If you insist they do this then they will probably cancel or non-renew your home insurance policy due to a nuisance claim.AnswerWell, a skunk sprayed in my house! And I do believe it should be covered under the vandalism clause. As of now they are saying no but have yet to respond to me regarding it being covered under the vandalism clauseAnswerThe only way would be if someone purposely put a skunk in your home knowing it would spray.

Unfortunatly, no. All you can do with a skunk is try to pet it, which of course leaves you covered in skunk spray... Or watch it, so your sim can observe it. And you can shoo it which gets the skunk off your lot. But you can make our dog, or cat look a lot like a skunk! Just use the fur patterns and see what you can do!

No, spray does't make people sick. If you are bitten by an unvaccinated skunk, you need to worry about rabies, but rabies cannot be transmitted by spray. However, the smell might make you vomit.

I Love smelling farts, smelly smelly farts make me have a orgasm all the day just by smelling it

Smelling is important for a variety of reasons. Smelling nice things such as flowers and tasty food can make you happy. Smelling can also save your life if you notice a gas leak in your house by smelling it. Scent is important for many animals as a means of claiming territory, finding food, and finding females in heat with which to mate.

To make other animals not want to go near it. It is for protection.

I would call a professional. They probably will use a trap to catch the skunk. Then they will take away the cage while wearing a hazmat suite. Just make sure that the person you hire will release the skunk and not just kill it.

There is no sure way to keep a skunk from spraying, but skunks only spray when they feel threatened. Back away, slowly and steadily, with your head turned to one side and looking down to not make eye contact with the skunk (and also to protect your eyes if this doesn't work - skunk spray can blind you).

venus flytraps catch flies with sweet smelling liquid and small hairs that act like triggers . The liquid attracts the fly the fly will land on the mouth of the fly trap and trigger the little hairs to make the mouth snap shut and thats how the fly trap catches the fly.

No, smelling salts are used to bring a person back to consciousness if they have fainted, because they have a very strong odor and it helps to bring the person to consciousness. They don't make you sick.

Yes, You will get sick. If its foul smelling it is most likely rotten and would contain dangerous and harmful bacteria

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