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You certainly need to make a claim against the employer to insure that you get as much of the amount as you can. Consult an attorney for help.

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What are some of the bankruptcy laws when it comes to not notifying my current employer about my bankruptcy filing?

There is no law that requires you to notify your employer that you have filed bankruptcy. It is a public record, though, so it will show up on a background check.

You filed bankruptcy does your employer need to respond to an garnishment request?

add me:

What protection does bankruptcy offer an individual?

Bankruptcy offers protection from creditors after bankruptcy is filed with the court. The creditors are forbidden from contacting you and trying to collect their debt after this point.

Can a bank collect on an old checking account if the customer has filed bankrusptsy?

Was that debt including in bankruptcy.

HAS kaiser permanente ever FILED bankruptcy?

do you know if kaiser permanente filed bankruptcy?

Is there a sample letter to notify debtors of bankruptcy?

There are letters that attorneys use to notify creditors of a debtors bankruptcy. This letter states that the individuals have filed bankruptcy and the creditors are to cease all contact and attempts to collect their debt.

How many times has Dave Ramsey filed bankruptcy?

In his books he states the he has filed bankruptcy twice.

Has the state of Michigan ever filed for bankruptcy?

No. No state has ever filed for bankruptcy. States are not coverd by current U.S. bankruptcy laws.

List all NBA players who filed Bankruptcy?

Tracy McGrady filed for bankruptcy in January of 2014

When can you file for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be filed at any given time depending on if you have ever filed before and when you filed last. There is no specific date as to when you can actually file.

If in a chapter 13 can judgment be filed?

Not by one of the creditors. You have an Automatic Stay, which means that they cannot attempt to collect a debt outside the bankruptcy plan.

You are looking for someone who filed for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is filed in federal district court. You may want to start with their files.

How do you add a creditor to a bankruptcy after you have filed?

Check with your bankruptcy lawyer.

Can you stop a creditor from selling your account once you have filed bankruptcy?

No. The bankruptcy is to stop anyone who has a right to collect a debt from being able to collect, called the automatic stay. If the debt is listed in the correct debt owner's (creditor's) address and it is discharged, it does not matter who owns the debt.

Where can I find Free sites to find out if a person has filed bankruptcy?

Google "free sites to find out if a person has filed for bankruptcy".

Has bachrach filed for bankruptcy?

Yes, on May 6th, 2009, Bachrach LLC filed chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Is Monrovia Nursery filing bankruptcy?

Nope. Monrovia has not filed for bankruptcy

How may you find the date of your bankruptcy?

You can find it from the court where you filed your bankruptcy.

Can new debt be collected after bankruptcy?

Yes, the debts protected under a bankruptcy proceeding are enumerated when bankruptcy is filed. Any debts accrued by the bankrupt party in the future are not protected by a previously filed bankruptcy.

If you filed Chapter 7 and your credit report indicates a charge off of 11720 can they still try to collect the sum even if Chapter 7 was filed?

it will show the balance & the bankruptcy followed there the answer is NO. GOOD LUCK

Can my ex-landlord collect unpaid rent during my bankruptcy I no longer live there discharge was July rent due was for June?

Not if you listed your landlord as a creditor on your bankruptcy petition and that there is excess property to pay your landlord after secured creditors and your exemptions. Unpaid rent is an unsecured debt. If a judgment lien is filed, you can avoid it if filed shortly before bankruptcy filing.

Can you sue a company that has filed for bankruptcy?


Can you buy a house if you have filed bankruptcy?


Has bernie sanders filed for bankruptcy?


Can you get bonded if you filed for bankruptcy?

Yes-I filed for bankruptcy in late 04, got bonded and became a notary for my job in 2005. No problem!