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nearly 12v when running means your battery is not getting charged.. it should be just shy of 14v when the alternator is working correctly

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Q: If your engine was removed and reinstalled but the alternator light stayed on all the time after the install and the battery showed nearly 12v when running then which wire would be wrongly connected?
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Should a cable running to the alternator be live?

Yes This Cable Is Connected To A Group Of Cables That Run To The Battery Positive Side, To Allow The Alternator To Charge The Battery.,Do Not Remove Or Install An Alternator Until You Remove The Ground Terminal From Your Battery.

Why do your battery light comes on after you install a new battery?

Defective alternator or bad wiring.

How do you replace an alternator on a 1991 buick regal?

Disconnect the 1991 Regal battery. Remove the alternator belt and wiring. Unbolt the alternator and install the new one. Reconnect the wires, install the belt, then reconnect the battery.

How do you install an alternator on a 1990 Chevy Cavalier?

carefully with tools and the battery disconnected

How much for new battery and alternator installed?

Depends on the make, model, & year of the car, who installs the alternator & battery, and the type battery you buy. Most auto parts stores will install a battery for free. Batteries cost from $60 to $250. Alternators cost from $65 - Up. Labor to install an alternator can be from $75 to $225 or more.

How do you make a 64 Ford truck charge the battery?

Install a good generator or alternator.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1993 Buick Roadmaster?

Disconnect the battery. Remove the alternator belt. Disconnect the wiring on the alternator, then unbolt and remove the unit. Bolt the new alternator in place and connect the wiring. Install the belt and connect the battery back up.

How do you change the Alternator on a 92 Olds Cutlass Supreme 3.4?

Remove the serpentine belt from the alternator. Remove the positive battery cable from the battery. Remove the cables from the alternator. Remove the wiring harness. Remove the alternator retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new alternator.

What is the procedure for changing an alternator on a 2003 for F 250 pick up truck?

Disconnect battery. Remove serpentine belt. Unbolt all nuts and/or bolts securing alternator. Unbolt wire and disconnect electric connector connected to alternator. Install new part in reverse order of removal.

How can a new battery still go flat with new alternator installed?

If you install a new battery & new alternator and the battery runs down overnight then you have something pulling power from the battery. Look for any light on the vehicle that is on or a relay that is stuck.

How do you install an alternator in a 1971 Plymouth duster with a slant six?

first unhook the battery cables and then take the alternator belt loose and then take the 3 bolts out that hold the alternator on and take the wiring harness out of the alternator and the red battery cable off and it's out.

Can you add a second battery to your car to help with audio install in parallel to remain 12v does this damage the alternator because of the amount work it needs to do to charge both batteries?

Sure you can. But it would be much easier to purchase a compacitor which acts like a battery in that it stores power and uses that to power what is connected to it. This also saves the alternator

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