If your ex-girlfriend says you are more into the relationship and she feels guilty how do you make her not feel guilty to get her back?

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2006-09-23 01:20:43

You don't - can't control people, why would you want to be with

someone who lies about feeling guilty?... "I feel guilty..." may as

well say "I am not interested" or more directly "go away".

Although, there are two ways that people in your condition

occasionally get back together. Both are very difficult. Your girl

friend has told you that she feels that you love her but she does

not love you. This creates pressure on her to act more affectionate

than she wants to at this time, so she has left the relationship.

One thing you can do is realize that she is not in love with you

and attempt to start a new relationship with her based in friendly

companionship, one in which you do not talk about the future, but

merely enjoy the present moments together. In time she may find

that you are the person that she wants to be with. But you may have

to wait a very long time for that to happen, or it may never

happen. The second way that a relationship like this occasionally

is brought back together is by someone like yourself realistically

looking to see what it is that stood in the way of this woman

loving you, make changes to yourself and your life, and then

waiting three months, six months or longer before attempting to

contact her again. In the unlikely event that she has not had a

satisfying relationship since leaving you, and seeing the changes

you have made in yourself, she may reconsider.

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