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I love this woman very much. We were best of friends for three years before we got together. Once we got together we moved in with eachother. We got engaged three years after that. We had a wedding planned for July of 05' but called the wedding off in March because of problems. We kept trying to make it work. I kept drinking and she finally left me. I have quit drinking and am working on my control issues with a thrapist. I am still totally in love with this woman and would like to have a family with her. Right now she tells me she does not know if we have a fututre together. She is living her life, happy and free right now. She is not even really broke up about the situation. I am devastatede and am doing everything I can to better myself, to become happy and true to myself. I still would like to have a chance with this woman. Six months from now, if I have not had a drink, and am working on my issues, shouldn't I have a chance to try and make it work at least one more time. What do you think, and what are my chances. She says she loves me as a friend, but she doesn't love the person I was.

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Q: If your fiance left you after 5 years because you drank too much and were controlling do you have a chance to get her back if you can change?
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