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No the male will eat them keep them separate them until they can't fit in the mouth of the goldfish.

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Q: If your goldfish is pregnant can it stay in the tank with the other fish?
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What kind of fish are good with goldfish?

Because goldfish prefer or do better in cooler water it is best to stay with other types of goldfish.

Do goldfish stay with their eggs?

fish do not stay with the eggs

How long do goldfish stay pregnant?

Goldfish lay eggs and the eggs are fertilised outside the body. So Goldfish don't get pregnant.

Do goldfish can stay with other fish?

Yes they can but not betta fish.I (I hope this helps to all of you.)

How long does a fish stay pregnant?

guppies stay pregnant for about a month before giving birth, other fish take longer, and others lay eggs (don't get pregnant). depends on the fish

Can a pregnant fish stay with other fish?

Possibly,but it would be best if you put her in a separate tank,like a 10 gal.because the other fish might eat the baby fish if you let her stay in there with your other fish.

Do goldfish stay with mollies and shark?

They can't stay with either one of them the gold fish will be eaten by both of them.

How long does the female fish stay pregnant?

it depends on what kind of fish

Does the swimbladder spread to other fish?

A swim bladder is an organ in certain fish to help them stay buoyant. Examples of fish with a swim bladder are goldfish, betta fish, and chiclids. It works something like the lungs of mammals. Since it is an organ, it cannot spread to other fish.

What does it mean when fish stop eating and stay at the bottom?

The fish maybe have a pregnant.

How long does a goldfish stay alive?

Tish the fish, in England, lived to be over 40 years old......he is the longest living goldfish on record

How long do neon fish stay pregnant?

if by "neon fish" you mean neon tetra, they dont get pregnant they lay eggs.

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