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If your goldfish is pregnant can it stay in the tank with the other fish?


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No the male will eat them keep them separate them until they can't fit in the mouth of the goldfish.

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Because goldfish prefer or do better in cooler water it is best to stay with other types of goldfish.

fish do not stay with the eggs

Goldfish lay eggs and the eggs are fertilised outside the body. So Goldfish don't get pregnant.

guppies stay pregnant for about a month before giving birth, other fish take longer, and others lay eggs (don't get pregnant). depends on the fish

Yes they can but not betta fish.I (I hope this helps to all of you.)

Possibly,but it would be best if you put her in a separate tank,like a 10 gal.because the other fish might eat the baby fish if you let her stay in there with your other fish.

All fish lay eggs, mammals such as dolphins carry their young and then nurse them after birth.THIS IS NOT AN ANSWER TO THE QUESTION. IT ASK HOW LONG DOES A FISH STAY PREGNANT NOT IF THEY GET PREGNANT.Goldfish reproduction: * female lays eggs * male sprays cloud of milt (sperm) to fertilize the eggs * eggs develop and hatch into fry * fry develop into goldfish As you can see there is no pregnancy involved in the reproduction of goldfish.

They can't stay with either one of them the gold fish will be eaten by both of them.

it depends on what kind of fish

A swim bladder is an organ in certain fish to help them stay buoyant. Examples of fish with a swim bladder are goldfish, betta fish, and chiclids. It works something like the lungs of mammals. Since it is an organ, it cannot spread to other fish.

Tish the fish, in England, lived to be over 40 years old......he is the longest living goldfish on record

if by "neon fish" you mean neon tetra, they dont get pregnant they lay eggs.

Betta's are egg layers; they don't get pregnant.

Yes they can, though it is not a good idea to let them. You do not want them to get food poisoning if the dead fish is allowed to stay in there too long.

Never. Oscars are egg layers so they can not be pregnant.

For the fish can breath.They can stay out for 5 min. Not more or they would die.

There are so very many grey/silver fish that are similar to goldfish. It is probable however that you are refering to a goldfish that has not coloured up. Goldfish are all silver as youngsters and only develop their colouring as they grow older. Some stay grey/silver and never develop colours.

Bubble eyed gold fish have to stay at one spot in the tank because they feel like they rule the tank kind of thing and they want to watch all the other fish

The reason why the goldfish is at the bottom of a fish bowl is because it is dead. (edit) It may also be resting. Fish do this from time to time. If it doesn't swim about at all, then it's probably dead though.

Goldfish don't get pregnant. When a Goldie is in spawning condition a female will get fat with eggs, then "lay" them and the male will fertilise them externally. It's only when a Goldie is a couple of years old and in spawning condition that they get like this.

yes you can sometimes but bewere that when another goldfish is with a nother goldfish they can fight all lot even when it comes to food.if you put them together probley on of them won't last long ( like mine). somethimes if your like goldfish is female and the other ones male they sometimes can meet ( meet means marry etuther) they will have babys (top tip) baby goldfish can die if there in one little tank with no fillter.Some times the new goldfish can have jerms or cemacails if they do the other goldfish will die within probley 2 weeks. top tip allways go to a vet and say is it ok to put it in with another fish.So your other fish will stay alive.Just to say fish do fight alote so bewere its better to have only 2 tanks with one fish and after they had babys please do feed the babys and the grown ups :)

NO,they will not eat newt eggs unless there really hungry the will stay with goldfish flakes and other stuff

Bony fish, like your average pet goldfish, float because of their swim bladder, a balloon-like organ. As for cartilaginous fish, or sharks, sting rays, and other fish, they store oil in their liver that helps them stay floating.Hope this helps!

Goldfish lay eggs which are fertilized and develop outside of their bodies so they are never really pregnant. If you mean that a goldfish is looking pregnant than it is either very sick or filling with eggs. She will soon lay her eggs and if no further action is taken she will then enjoy eating them.

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