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No. Your employer is liable for damages to your hand only. Technically, if you are at work and using machinery, you are suppose to remove any jewelry before operating by standard safety procedures. If this was a freak accident (not involving machinery), then the employer is still not liable for damages to your ring.

I disagree with whom ever wrote the first answer. If you have a good lawyer you could probably sew for the cost of the ring, remember what you are sacrificing however, work would be very awkward and you would probably not be treated as nicely, that is if you even keep your job. Also, remember that's lawyers are expensive, maybe it would not be worth spending the money on a lawyer when you could spend it on a new ring.

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Q: If your hand was injured at work and your wedding ring was damaged and cut off as a result of the injury is your employer liable for the cost to fix the ring?
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