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Q: If your heart beats 9 times per 10 seconds how many times would be in 3 minutes?
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Related questions

How can you use the number of times your heart beats in 15 seconds to find the number of times your heart beats in a minutes?

you divide the number of 15 seconds by 15 and then times it by 60

How many times does your heart beat in 30 minutes?

your heart beats 2,100 beats in 30min

How much the heart beats in one hour?

Approximately 252,000 times an hour at 70 beats per minute. 70 beats X 60 seconds = 4,200 4,200 X 60 minutes = 252,000

If a heart beats 70 times a minutie how long do it take to beat one million times?

9 days, 22 hours, 5 minutes and 43 seconds...

How many times does your heart beat in 45 seconds?

It beats 75-85 beats per minute. In 45 seconds it would beat about 65 beats.

How many times does your heart beat in 3 minutes?

If your heart beats 60 times per minute (a good heart rate for an athlete) your heart will beat 180 times in three minutes.

Ahmed heart beats 78 times in a minute how many times does it beat in 10 second?

It beats 13 times every 10 seconds

How many times does your pump in 10 second?

Heart beat? I'll guess. If you are in ok shape and your resting heart rate is 60 then it beats 10 times in 10 seconds. If you are moderately exercising and your rate is 120 then in 10 seconds it beats 20 times.

How do you calculate heart beats per minute?

Count how many times your heart beats....for one minute. Or count for 15 seconds and multiply by 4.

If your heart beats 234 times a minute what is the rate per second?

1 minute = 60 seconds 234 beats per minutes = 234 beats per 60 seconds = 234 ÷ 60 beats per 60 ÷ 60 seconds = 3.9 beats per second

True or false does the heart beats fifty times a minutes?


How many times does a octopus's heart beat in a minute?

About as many times as its heart beats in two minutes divide by 2...

How many times do a cow heart beat in 2 minuets?

A cows heart rate is 48 to 84 beats per minute. So a cows heart beats 96 to 168 times in 2 minutes.

How many times does the heart pump to push blood throughout your body in a day?

The heart beats about 100,000 times a day, on average. Generally, the heart beats around 70 times per minutes, or just over 4,000 times per hour.

What is the average number of heart beats per day?

On an average, the heart of an adult beats about 72 times a minute and that of a child beats between 90 and 120 times a minute. Hence, in a day (that is, 1, 440 minutes), on an average, the adult heart beats 103, 680 times and a child's hearts beats between 129, 600 and 172, 800 times.

If A birds heart beats 200 times per second how many times does it beat in 42 seconds?

8400 timesyou just multiply the times per second times the seconds

If a hamsters heart beats 450 times in a minute how many times does it beat in 40 seconds?

15, 000, 000.

How do you find your resting heart rate?

sit down. relax. count the number of times your pulse beats in 15 seconds and multiply that by 4.

How do you measure heart rate while exercising?

count how many times your heart beats in ten seconds then multiply that number by 6

Your heart beats n times in 15 seconds can you write an expression for the number of times your heat beats in 1 minute Please help me?

u stupid~60 seconds in 1 minute. 60/15=4 therefore 4n

What is anormal heart rate of a 25 year old man?

heart beats 70 to 75 times per minutes

What is normal heart rate for a 79 yr old woman?

Breath Really Fast Then Count For Twenty Seconds And Then Count How Many Times The Heart Beats In 20 Seconds And There's Your Answer.

How do you find resting heart rate?

Sit quietly and find your pulse in your wrist. Use your first two fingers, not your thumb. Count the number of beats for 15 seconds, and multiply the number of beats times 4 to get the heart rate per minute. For example, if you count 18 beats in 15 seconds, your heart rate would be 18 x 4, which would be 72 beats per minute.

How many times does heart beats?

It beats 100,000 times.

If a hummingbirds heart beats 80 times per second how long would it take to beat 1000000?

8000000 125000 seconds= 2083.3 minutes=34.72 hours= not quite a day and a half