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The dampness of the house may contribute to children's Asthma by encouraging the growth of mold. Asbestos does not contribute to asthma.

Although several forms of cancer are caused by asbestos, the asbestos fibers must get into the body for that to happen. If the asbestos material in the house is in good physical condition and is not disturbed, then exposure will not occur. This might be the case if the asbestos is in roofing materials, shingles on the outer walls, or in floor tiles. If the asbestos is in insulation on pipes or the heating plant, those materials are more likely to be converted into dust by children playing or by adult uses such as placing hangers on the pipe insulation. In those cases a professional should be brought in to assess the hazard and suggest approaches to eliminating or controlling it.

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Q: If your house is damp and also has asbestos in it could this be the cause of your children's suspected asthma?
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