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Can pollen in the air cause Asthma?


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No, but it can set off an Asthma attack.

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Genetic and environmental factors cause asthma. Pollen and dust are environmental factors that cause allergic reactions such as asthma.

Things that cause asthma are allergies to dust,pollen,or mold.

Causes of asthma can string to genetics and the environment. Some environment factors that cause asthma are mold, dust, pollen and smoke.

Genetics and environment are causes of asthma. If a person is allergic to pollen or dust or mold, they can develop asthma.

The cause of asthma are genetic and environmental factors. Environmental factors can include pollen, dust, cigarette smoke.

you breath pollen in the spring time right? well most places have spring.anyways when you breath pollen, it tends to go into your lungs and prevents you from breathing properly which causes asthma.

Neither actually it is not a cause of asthma nor does air pollution trigger it.

Pollution can cause Asthma, because dust and toxins in the air from chimneys and Car exhausts can get into your lungs and cause asthma attacks. You are highly unlikely to get Asthma if you live in a place with little pollution and clean air.

Pollen do not cause cancer normally. Pollen causes acute rhinitis or runny nose and bronchial asthma. But then you can always find the pollen which can cause or at least predisposes the cancer. Specially in tropical rain forests. So every thing is possible in biology.

Asthma is becoming increasingly common as a result of there being more dust and pollen in the air.

Thouands of people get asthma each year. There is no such cure for asthma or a known cause of asthma. But it has been advised to have allergy tests to see what you are allergic to such as dust, cats, dogs, pollen, etc and avoid these as these things can trigger asthma symptoms and cause asthma attacks in some people.

Extrinsic asthma is also known as allergic asthma, often seen in children and induced by a pollen of other irritant. Intrinsic asthma is much harder to treat as it's cause may be multifaceted.

Depending on the severity of your asthma - yes you most certainly can however, the asthma is the onset of predeath but the cause of death would be lack of breathing or air/choking cause from an untreated or severe asthma attack.

it might or might not. asthmatics have different triggers which cause their asthma to flare up. some common triggers iclude dust, pollen, exercise and animal fur

yes in my opinion air pollution causes asthma because as we breath in the air there are some bad and unpleasant pollutants in the air that we also breat6h in.

Things that can cause disorders of the lunas like cancer or asthma are allergies to dust,mold,or pollen. Avoiding these things can help prevent asthma attacks. Doctors can prescribe medication to help prevent asthma attacks. With good medical care,a person with asthma can lead a normal life.

Cat dander because of all the pollen and dust found in the dander.

An asthma attack may be triggered by irritants such as dust or pollen

Air quality can sometimes cause asthma attacks along with extremely hot weather.

"Normall, air testing finds things like black mold, pollen and yeast in the home that can cause airborne illness. " "Indoor air testing will pick up many different types of air pollutants, such as mold, fungus and bacteria that can make you sick or trigger diseases such as asthma."

yes pollens can act as antigen for those who have allergic,it can cause various respiratory diseases including Asthma.

TV does not cause asthma.

There are many causes for asthma (and I should know since I have it) such asweather (cold)pollen and dustmoreSorry for the "more". Turns out I don't really know that much, but those are the things that cause my asthma, so...hop that helps. Bye!

Air pollution can cause many health problems such as asthma and lung cancer.

No. I got mine 1 year after I was diagnosed with pollen allergies and then I learned that 80% of everybody who gets pollen allergy develops asthma. My sister have always had that allergy but developed serious asthma after her second child.

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