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Is air pollution a cause or a trigger of asthma?


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Neither actually it is not a cause of Asthma nor does air pollution trigger it.

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Pollution can cause Asthma, because dust and toxins in the air from chimneys and Car exhausts can get into your lungs and cause asthma attacks. You are highly unlikely to get Asthma if you live in a place with little pollution and clean air.

yes in my opinion air pollution causes asthma because as we breath in the air there are some bad and unpleasant pollutants in the air that we also breat6h in.

Air pollution can cause many health problems such as asthma and lung cancer.

Air pollution, where severe, can cause serious health effects on a population. If air pollution is severe, you can get eye irritation and/or have trouble breathing. People who smoke or suffer from respiratory problems (such as asthma, lung disease, bronchitis, etc.) are more sensitive. Of course, effects of air pollution will vary for the individual. While air pollution may or may not cause asthma, it is more likely to trigger an attack if you already have asthma (but not as much as an infection or allergen.) Smoking will have a much more serious effect on your health than air pollution. If you give up smoking, you will greatly cut down your risk of lung and heart diseases, and it will make you less likely to suffer effects of air pollution.

There are many risk factors which can trigger an asthma attack. Chest infection, air pollution, smog, high pollen count in spring, smoking and emotional outbursts can all trigger an attack.

Yes. Cold air, especially if it's sudden, can trigger asthma, especially if it is not controlled.

air pollution, when an individual breathe in too much contaminated air it may lead to asthma

It's the other way round: air pollution increases the number of people getting asthma.

by asthma and smoke cause around you Ashley lugones

scientifically nobody knows how many people die no matter what. especially by asthma, it is different every year. and air pollution is not a common cause by triggering asthma actually running and yelling and stress is. get things straight no worries !

We cause air pollution by using vehicles that release gases that cause and increase air pollution. By using electricity we also cause air pollution ( computers).

Yes, airways can get block as if you were smokin.It depends on the type of pollution - if the pollution is air bound then it is quite likely extended excessive exposure can leading to breathing disorders including asthma.If the pollution is in the workplace in the UK an employer is responsible to ensure employees do not contract diseases such as asthma else the employer could be liable to compensate.

no air pollution does not cause landslides

What gases cause air pollution

In fact, there is no exact cause of asthma but some factors can partly contribute to this condition such as respiratory infection, allergies and sulfites from foods or even air pollution.

AIR PULLUTION! it can trigger asthma a lung disease

T. J. N. Hiltermann has written: 'Air pollution and asthma' -- subject(s): Air, Asthma, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Asthma, Health aspects, Pollution

Do hot air ballons cause air pollution

No. Both genetic and environmental risk factors come into play. See related link.

No. Tornadoes can be very destructive, but they do not cause air pollution.

Pollution can trigger asthma, also anything that is either breathed into the body or absorbed throught the skin filters through the liver depending on the severity or length or exposure one might have liver problems. Certain airbourn toxins are kown to cause cancer.

No, but it can set off an asthma attack.

It can cause asthma, cancer, stroke, lung problems, or chest tightness. For more info go to or

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