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If your house is put up for auction do they get to keep your personal belongings?


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Anything in the house at the time of the auction belongs to the estate. The person who wins the house also wins anything in the house at the time. * If the question refers to a foreclosure then the answer is no, personal items and household furnishings are not a part of a foreclosure sale. If it pertains to an estate, the state probate laws govern what property is exempt and what is not.


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yes that's your right as an American.

A stalker could possibly take your belongings. There are more than one type of stalkers.

They cannot hold your personal belongings. They might have a time frame of when they have to get it to you though. When a car is repossessed it is brought to the repo yard and then inventoried for belongings. There are usally several hundred cars at any given moment in a repo yard. All vehicles must be inventoried.

In most cases, a repossession can keep personal belongs for non payment. The company, however, must release them once payment is made.

If your house is sold at auction, it is now the property of the buyer. You become like any other person who might want the house. A lawyer might be able to negotiate terms with the buyer, but it is more likely that your house is gone.

they keep your belongings because they don't want to forget you or either it means something or they think it is revenge for the break up

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Repossession companies must give you the opportunity to recover your personal belongings. That being said, they need not do so at the time of repossession. If they store your property for any length of time, the may charge a storage fee. They are not required to hold your property indefinitely either. If you make no attempt to recover you belongings, the repossession company will dispose of it after 30-45 days.

Yes, they can. Ultimately they have to PERFORM WORK to gather, label, secure, and keep safe your belongings. They can charge you for this because they were forced to perform work. The law allows them to be compensated for it.

Yes and no. In most states personal possessions are forfieted after 30 days but rental car companies can NOT keep them as collateral on unpaid bills. However, most people who owe money will not come back for personal belongings if they owe money.

keep them by your chair and look at them!

in virginia, do you get to keep personal items after a foreclosure or do you lose everything you own inside the house also

No matter what you had in the vehical, it's probably gone if there was any value to the items. I would suggest you move on and forget about it. You should have paid your note or worked something out w/ lender. You are the one to blame Yes repo companies can charge you a processing fee to get your personal belongings back in missouri. LAME answer above by some do gooder lecturing you - The fact is that repo companies may not keep any of your personal belongings and are required to bag it, list it and insure it - this is the reason for the fee. Btw - Most everyone has bad circumstances sometimes and gets down on their luck. Just keep pushing ahead.

There is always the chance that as you move your mouse around, you might accidentally knock something over. Also clutter in general can impede your efficiency. Things get in the way.

If she does then you can file a claim for those belongings, as long as you have sufficient proof like a receipt. However, by law if no proof has been salvaged then yes, she can.

Let's clarify what is personal property: any property that you own that is not real estate property, such as your personal belongings, car, pets, etc.; now, in the Landlord/Tenant court, your landlord may keep or put out your personal property to the curb once he evicts you from the unit, depending on the state you live in, and whether you owe him back rent.

Not Legally, to do so would be called "CONVERSION". In some states, the repo company can charge you a FEE for inventory and stoarge of your PP, but they cannot keep it it you pay the fee. i am in Florida and they said it will cost 200.00 to get my personal belongings,is there a cap?

When you go white water rafting, keep your personal belongings in a plastic bag so that they do not get wet. Don't keep them in a pouch that goes on your waist because they can easily get water in through the zipper or the cloth. Wrap your items in plastic wrap to give them extra protection.

Yes, it certainly is. In fact, they are required by law to hold your personal property for you to be able to claim it. It is ingenious that they keep it in the vehicle. It is common practice that they will not release it to you until the storage fee is paid.

Do you mean equity?. You could lose all or part of it depending on how much revenue the house brings at auction. Talk to your mortgage lender and make arrangements to try and keep your house. Good luck. PS. they don't want the house they want MONEY! .

Abusive or not, "his" belongings are his property and so in the eyes of the law they must go back to him. Anyway, if you tried to keep them, wouldn't that just make him MORE abusive?

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