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As long as there is no lien against the old car, you can use the insurance settlement for anything you want. But you won't be able to get insurance on it until it is repaired.

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Q: If your insurance company paid you for damages to your car can you use the money for a down payment on a new car instead of fixing the old one?
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What is the payment of damages by the insurance company directly to the insured?

Payment of damages by the insurance company against your Householders' policy is paid directly to your account through NEFT,instead of cheque as was customary earlier.

How can license be taken for damages owed to an insurance company?

In most countries a driving licence could not be taken as payment or punishment for damages owed to an insurance company as that you be a civil matter.

What are types of insurance with an example of when your insurance company would make a payment?

Auto insurance: An accident that damages your vehicleDisability insurance: An injury that causes you to lose wagesHomeowners insurance: A fire in your house that damages your personal possessionsHealth insurance: An illness that involves a trip to the doctor.

Can you choose to take payment for damages to your car rather then having the insurance company fix it?

Not normally as that route is open to fraud.

Can I sue for damages if I just bought a car and somebody rearended me I haven't even made a payment yet?

If it was there fault their insurance company will be responsible for the damages. So yes you can sue, but most likely this won't be necessary as long as the insurance company gives you fair compensation.

Can the at-fault driver pay for damages even if they have insurance?

Yes, most insurance will allow you to make an, lump sum, out-of-pocket payment for the damages.

Can neighbor sue me for damages after insurance paid?

If you're talking about his or her insurance company, then probably not since it's customary for the insurance company to get subrogation rights in exchange for payment. The insurance company can certainly sue you but they don't always do so.OTOH, if your insurance made the payment then absolutely not unless your insurance company is incompetent. Insurers always make claimants waive all future legal remedies arising from that claim before paying. The claim is considered settled in full.

What do you call the payment of the insurance company?


How many payment protection insurance companies have ministry of justice license?

HSBC is a reputed insurance company in India for payment protection insurance.

On what types of policie is it a certainty that the insurance company will have to make payment?

A. Life Insurance

When can an insurance company void a policy?

Non payment

When you are in an accident with no insurance are you entitled to pay for damages?

Not sure what you are asking. If you had no insurance and caused the accident you are responsible for paying for the other driver's damage and injuries. If the other driver was at fault, you are entitled to payment for your damages and injuries from either the driver/owner of the other car, or their insurance company. If you had your own collision insurance, you could make the claim with your company and let them worry about collecting, but if you don't, you will need to file the claim with the other party's insurer or hire a lawyer and sue them.

What are your legal responsibilities if you bumped a vehicle but a police report was not filed until months later and now the insurance company is contacting you for payment of damages?

Financial Responsibility Laws require that you be Financially Responsible for any damages you cause to another. Whether a Police report is filed or not, has no bearing on your responsibilty for the damages.

How can one obtain payment protection insurance?

You can get payment protection insurance by speaking with your insurance agent and asking whether or not the company offers such an insurance. You can try insurance agencies like Progressive or Advantage.

What do you say to the other partys insurance company if you have no insurance and the accidient is your fault?

Just that, chances are the not at fault driver carries uninsured motorists coverage to protect them from these instances. But this will not make you any less liable for the damage you caused. If the not at-fault driver's insurance company pays for the damage you caused, you can expect them to sue you to recover for damages that you are liable for. If you do not have any assets and are unable to make payment, a judge can have your future wages garnished to repay the insurance company. Depending on the extent of the damages and the laws in your state you may want to consult a bankruptcy attorney.

What type of policy is a certainty that the insurance company will have to make payment?


Insurance company in adversely pays the patient instead of the physician what should you do?

Insurance companies will sometimes send a check to the patient rather than the physician. In the event the insured receives payment for the services provided, it is the insureds responsibility to forward that payment to the physicians accounts receivable department.

Who would you contact if payment problem develops with an insurance company and the company ignore medical claims?

Call the Insurance Comissioner of the state you live in.

What is a life insurance policy dividend?

It's a payment made to the policy owner by the mutual insurance company when there is a profit. The policyholders are the owners of a mutual life insurance company and they share in the profits by receiving dividend payments from the insurance company.

If someone without insurance is found at fault when they hit an insured driver how do you get payment?

You can do a couple of things. First, you can file a civil lawsuit against them. Sometimes you will get your money and sometimes you wont. Another thing you can do is check your policy or call your insurance company and see if you have uninsured coverage. If you do, you can get your own insurance to cover the damages.

If an accident is not your fault do you call your insurance or the other person's?

Usually, you call your own. They will set up a claim and investigate it. They will usually pay for your car and recoup payment from the other insurance, or they will request payment from the other insurance company directly. In most cases, you will be in contact with your own insurance company.

Do You have Monumental Life Insurance Company Payment by phone or on line?

Online at below-

How do you pay your Texas Life Insurance bill on line?

Different insurance companies provide different methods of payment and services. You will need to contact your insurance company in order to find out if this payment method is possible with your carrier.

Is it possible to stop a monthly insurance payment from coming out of bank this month?

You need to contact the agent or the insurance company directly.

Farm Family Casualty Insurance Company- Can an electronic payment be made for auto insurance by debit card?

yes! or no