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Pick up a wireless router. Most have ethernet ports as well, so you can set this up connected directly to your cable or DLS modem. Then connect your PC to the router via ethernet, and your sons can connect wirelessly to the router.

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Q: If your main computer is hooked up to broadband your sons both have laptops how can they access wireless internet?
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I have two laptops and i also have wireless internet My laptops are connected to the internet but i want to connect my computer not my laptop to the wireless internet too Is that possible?

yes it is possible

What is Wireless Enabled?

Wireless Enabled is a system normally on laptops which allows you to access the Internet via an existing Internet connection. For example; If you buy a laptop which is wireless enabled, and you wish to get on to the Internet then you can do if you have a computer which has the Internet or a wireless router. If you have neither of these items (a computer or a wireless router) then I advise you buy a wireless router and then you can connect to the Internet wireless. From Whiz-Tech 915.

How To Choose The Best Wireless Internet for Laptops?

Laptops are designed for portability and convenience. Since you probably purchased your laptop because of its portability, you probably want an Internet solution that is portable as well. Luckily, there are plenty of options for wireless Internet for laptops, making it easy for you to carry your computer with you wherever you go while still having reliable Internet service.Wireless Internet for Laptops At HomeIf you have broadband Internet at home, you can install a wireless router so that you can have wireless Internet for laptops. Although this doesn't allow you to have wireless Internet for laptops when you travel or leave your home, it is still far more convenient than being restricted to cords and wires at your desk.Continuous Wireless Internet While On The GoIf you would like to have wireless Internet for laptops wherever you go, you will need to invest in an Internet card. Internet cards plug into the USB drive of your laptop, allowing you to carry Internet with you wherever you go. Many people choose to get this type of wireless Internet for laptops through their cell phone provider, and your wireless Internet card will work wherever your cell phone receives service. Most people who have this type of wireless Internet for laptops access the Internet at 3G speeds, which is substantially faster than the speed of dial up, but some providers offer 4G speeds in certain areas.When seeking this type of wireless Internet for laptops, you should take a look at your options before choosing a specific provider. Some providers offer unlimited wireless Internet for laptops through these Internet cards, which is an ideal option for someone who uses their Internet on a regular basis. Other providers only provide limited amount of data through these services, and overages can often result in hefty fees. If you have wireless Internet for laptops at home and only use your Internet card when you travel, you might find that this Internet is sufficient for your needs. You also want to compare prices before settling on a specific provider for wireless Internet for laptops to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

Can only laptops use wireless internet?

No, as long as a computer has a wireless receiver connected via USB or the motherboard, it can connect to wi-fi.

How do you set up wireless broadband Internet access in the home?

When you get broadband cable or dsl you should be set up with a modem connected to your computer with an ethernet cable (similar to a phone cable). To make this wireless you need a wireless router (this connects the modem to the computers) and wireless cards (there are different kinds for desktops or laptops) for each wireless desktop or laptop. This link will provide you with greater detail

What is a wireless data card for laptops?

You can connect it to a computer so you can use internet anywhere theres cell service.

Can laptops use wireless home broadband?

yes it would but make sure is wireless connection feature installed in your laptop

Is a wireless internet card right for me?

Absolutely, Wireless internet is a great feature all you need is a wireless Wifi card in your laptop or desk top computer. It is extremely convenient for laptops as you wont have to plug into the router to get internet thus allowing you to be anywhere in the house and have a connection.

Were can i get wireless internet for laptops for a good price?

Cricket Wireless is the only one that does not require a contract for their services. But their USB Wireless Fob is very overpriced. It is a personal prefrence. Comcast ( offers a variety of service plans for broadband internet at a good price. However, for wireless, you'll need to purchase a wireless router. The Belkin N+ can be had for less than $50.

Do I need to Purchase a wireless modem to get wireless internet?

Some computers/laptops are wireless ready, so I would check the computer for a wireless adapter, before spending the money on a modem, provided you already have a wireless network already in place.

Do you need a modem on a notebook computer?

Depends. You need a modem built in the notebook if you want to use it to connect to the internet via Ethernet cable. Generally these days laptops/notebooks have a wireless adaptor built in for wireless internet access instead. Most *good* laptops/notebooks have both.

What is a wireless router used for?

To Provide wireless internet to wireless-enabled devices such as computers, laptops and gaming consoles

What websites will help me learn more about the right mobile broadband wireless routers?

An internet wireless router is so you can use laptops, or any device that uses internet without having to plug it up. Basically its wifi. You can purchase one at BestBuy or online. Or even your phone/internet company that supports it. If you do that, then they can install it for you.

What is router function?

the routers function is to make internet wireless for laptops and other wireless devices

I have dell laptop which is not blue tooth enabled what components do i need to surf anywhere in my home wirless understanding i dont have a desktop if i get broadband?

First of all, you need to buy your laptop a wireless internet card. any will do.. as long as it's made for laptops.. Once you do that, you need to get a broadband connection.. if the broadband connection you get already comes with a modem wich casts a wireless signal, you're good to go, all you would need to do is install the wireless card in you pc. If your broadband modem does not cast a wireless signal THEN you would need to buy a router wich casts a wireless signal and connect the router to your broadband modem. And that's it

Different Types of Wireless Internet For Laptops?

If you have a laptop, you probably purchased it so that you could move freely with it without the restriction of cords and cables. Therefore, you will most likely want to find wireless Internet for laptops that allows you to go online from anywhere in your home and possibly from anywhere in the country. There are several types of wireless Internet for laptops to choose from.Wireless Internet Cards for LaptopsOne increasingly popular choice for laptop owners who are looking for wireless Internet for laptops is a wireless Internet card. A wireless Internet card plugs into the USB drive on your laptop and allows you to travel to different places without losing your Internet service.Wireless Internet cards for laptops are available from many different providers. Many cell phone companies offer wireless Internet for laptops with these cards. When you get a wireless Internet card from your cell phone provider, you should keep in mind that your wireless Internet will only work in places where your cell phone has a signal, so you might want to choose a different option if your cell phone has poor reception in some areas. Some cell phone providers require that you sign a contract in order to purchase a wireless Internet card and accompanying service, but some providers do not require contracts at all.Wireless Internet for Laptops Using Your Cell PhoneSome laptop users use their cell phones and their cell phone data plan in order to get wireless Internet for their laptops. This can be achieved using the wireless Bluetooth that is available on some laptops or with a USB cord. If your cell phone data plan includes 3G or 4G service, you might find that the speed is fast enough for regular use.Before using your cell phone to get wireless Internet on your laptop, you should make sure that your data plan offers enough data for you to do so. This is typically only a good idea if you have unlimited Internet included in your cell phone plan, because limited data plans can quickly be used up when hooked up to a computer.

How are computers used in traveling?

Laptops are used in traveling. It is hard to get internet unless you have mobile broadband.

What is a wifi usb adapter?

A device inserted into a computer's USB port that allows a computer to be connected to wireless internet or WiFi without a cord connecting the computer to Internet access (a router of some sort). Newer laptops don't normally require this device, as a majority have wireless radios factory installed. A WiFi USB adapter is generally used on older laptops and desktops that don't have a connection near the computer.

Where can one find a good deal on broadband for laptops?

Broadband for laptops is no different than any other computer. Charter, Comcast, and XFinity all offer bundle packages including cable and phone that results in the broadband hookup being cheaper.

How do you get wireless to the internet?

You can get Wireless Interent with a wireless router and wireless card. Most laptops have a wireless card built in. Then you have to connect to a network whether it is WiFi or your own network.

What are advantages of a wireless router?

Laptops can get internet or gain acccess to a local LAN.

How do you get on wirless broadband?

First you need to sign up to a broadband service and get a wireless router (most providers will supply this free) or you can buy one from most electrical stores. Once you have one install the software onto your computer and you are up and running. You just need to follow the onscreen instructions. Note: your computer needs to be wireless enabled. Most modern laptops already have this, if not you can buy a wireless card or USB dongle from most electrical stores.

How do you get internet access for a desktop computer?

Go to a electronics shop and buy a wireless usb adapter (made for laptops but work on desktops) ........... don't buy the cheap ones!

How do you make your laptop wireless if it needs an internet cord?

Today all laptops come with at least one wireless card. If you are using a cable you might want to get a wireless router, which will allow you to have internet wirelessly.

Where can someone find a good broadband laptop?

One can find a good broadband laptop at Verizon Wireless. Verizon offers multiple broadband laptops for cheap prices. The laptops use the very fast Verizon network.