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If your mom has seen your ex recently then she's probably right. Mothers don't lie to their daughters as far as telling them such a thing as she did you just to make you feel better. Your mother was young once and probably has dated many times before she met your father and you get wiser as the years go by.


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Hes sad because he probably misses you or something happened between you two that hurt him or maybe he wants you but he cant because hes scared of what his friends might think. You should try talking to him and ask him why he always looks sad when your around.

he calls alot for no reason or tells you he was wanting to see how things are going and they keep you on the phone for a long time. and when you see them they cant take their eyes off of you - He talks about you to your friends and he looks over at you every once in a while when he knows your around. - He talks to you like your still going out. - He wonders where you are when your not where you usually are. - He talks to your friends just to be near you.

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It would depend on how she looks at him and at what times. e.g. when she is laughing or?....

Me, by the looks of things...

The most thoughtful things you can say to a girl are complimenting things like telling her that she looks nice or that her hair looks nice.

if she looks at you with a smiling face, probably she does. but if she looks at you with an angry face she probably doesnt like you.

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