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are lazy

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Q: If your parents claim you are indolent they mean that you?
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If your parents claim you are indolent they mean that you are what?

that you are lazy.

What does indolent mean?

Indolence is habitual sloth or laziness. An indolent person is an unmotivated person.

What word can be used to mean disliking work or effort?


What does it mean if someone is indolent?

If someone is indolent, it means they are lazy or avoid exerting effort. They may show a lack of interest in working or making an effort to do tasks or activities.

How do use indolent in a sentence?

you are very indolent

What is an indolent?

wanting to avoid activity or exertion; lazy.

How can you use indolent in a sentence?

I Was indolent when our coach was making us do sprints.

What is a sentence that uses indolent?

Unlike her hardworking brother, she was very indolent.

What do the Hebrew word otiose mean?

lazy, not useful, idle, indolent, stuff like that.

What is a sentence for the word Indolent?

Indolent is someone who is lazy and does not want to do anything. A good sentence would be, she was very indolent after she had not slept well the night before.

What is a sentence with the word indolent in it?

The indolent man was put in the situation to decide between getting a job or losing his house. Because he was so indolent, and didn't have the energy or want to work, he lost his house. (indolent is a synonym for lazy)

How to use indolent in a sentence?

Indolent is a word which means lazy. The word conjures up images of hot, lackadasical people. These people will work, but only if they have to. "Mary was indolent in the heat of summer."