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One cannot predict the size of their penis in many years.

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Q: If your penis is seven inches now and im 16 how big will it be when im 21?
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How big can a boys penis get?

well mine was 7 inches when i was 13 but I'm 14 now and it 9 inches, during puberty you penis in largest by a lot. as big as u want it to babez

If your penis is 3 inches before puberty how big will it get approx?

My penis was about 3 inches before I reached puberty. I am now 19 and my penis is now 10 inches but dont be disappointed if yours doesn't reach this I consider myself very lucky. However yours may grow bigger.

Can 9 year old have a big penis?

Yes, i did i did to mine was 4 inches oh wow mine was smaller about 3inches now i have a 7inch penis and I'm 14 that counts without a boner

Was your penis size abnormal at this age if you measure your penis at 11 yrs old and the length seven and a half inches is that too big for that age?

Well I went threw the same thing. You just started puberty early and that's normal. I also started puberty early and measured about the same size as you did. I'm Now 13 and almost 8 inches and still growing! That also means your penis will have more time to grow. All that means, you will have a bigger penis than your friends and most people your age. Right now you might feel like you might not fit in but trust me, one day you will be happy you started puberty early. Be happy about your big penis, and welcome to the club.

How old were you when your penis got bigger?

for me my penis was 2 inches long when i was 12 and increased to 4inches the following year and now im 15 and my penis is 6.5inches

How long can a guys penis get?

penis growth is something that men have during their "prime" years. which is about(12-23). Now the way your hormones have on your body decide that. But to say the longest penis record now is about 11.6 inches.

Your penis is 8 inches long is that big for a 16 year old?

The average is 6 inches long erect for an adult, so yes it is on the big side for a 16-year-old. Nothing to be worried about though as you get older. It may have stopped growing now. Everyone is different.

If you are ten years old and your penis is three inches is that normal?

Ok so basically your penis should be 8 inches by now. But if its any constellation my ex-boyfriend at 16 still had a small penis, so its ok, you're not alone.

If you are 16 years old and your penis is 10 inches long is that too big?

Yes - please cut off three inches. Is this a dumb question? If you have a 10" penis, for gosh sakes tell your doctor - you could make money having them take pictures of it. Now, go think up a better qyestion.

You are 13 and your penis is 8.7 inches will it get bigger?

dude 8.7 inch penis for a person who is 13 is very wierd i am 15 and only have a 6.5 inch penis. if youre a tall and very mature for youre age that's probably why its big. if youre only 13 you will most likely keep growing until youre between 18-21.

Is 6 inches big for a 12 year old?

If you mean penis size then yes it is very big for a 12-year-old.See related question below.

How big is Arnold Schwarzenegger's waist now?

35 inches

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