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you can always be pregnant with negative test results. that's why its good to check with a blood test. because sometimes the HGC hormone is not enough to detect by home pregnancy sure to check with your doctor and take a blood test.

p.s. it can also be changes in your PMS symptoms. last month i thought i was pregnant because i was nauseas all the time i was little more tired than usuall but nothing major. and my breast were sore and swallen. but a few days later i got my period right on time so maybe your body is adjusting to new PMS symptoms

good luck

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Q: If your period is unusually light and the only symptoms you have are occasional nausea and constant tiredness can you still be pregnant even if you have 3 negative test results?
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1 day period on time and a negative test 2 days after period am i pregnant. slight dizziness sometimes. tiredness but no nausia?

yep went to the dr got a blood test it was neg.

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