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The mother and the babies will be perfectly fine.

2013-12-18 15:54:42
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Do other babies know when some one else is pregnant?

I've heard this before but I believe it to be only a myth. How do we really know that another baby knows when someone is pregnant.

How long is a fancy hamster pregnant before it has babies?

hamsters are usually pregnant for about three weeks

My hamster just had babies how long before she can have another litter?

Hamsters can get pregnant again right after they give birth to babies...BUT it is best to wait atleast 6 weeks after they give birth so the mom can be strong enough to be pregnant again and it wont place her in danger. Plus that 6 wks is time to get the babies weened from mom... it would place too much stress if shes still nursing babies and has more babies before last liter is weened from her.

When do pregnant rabbits make a nest?

3 or 4 days before they have their babies usually.

How do pubic lice affect a pregnant woman and her baby?

Pubic lice cause itching for a pregnant woman. They don't affect a baby before birth.

Can you take drugs the night before and then breastfeed the next day?

No, because they will affect the breastmilk and it can affect the babies development.

When do you have to put pregnant fish in a separate tank before they have their babies or after?

Normally when you see that they are on the verge of having babies you would put them in a separate tank and then take the mum out as soon as she has the babies.

How do you take care of a pregnant mouse?

.when your mouse is pregnant you have to give it healthy foods with vitamins. desperate your male mouse before the babies are born because it will get the mom pregnant in the next 8 hours. wait to touch the babies till they open their eyes!

How much time before the mother rat has another litter of babies?

when she bangs another rat

How long are rummy noise pregnant fish before having babys?

Rummy Nose Tetras do not have babies. They are egg layers so they never get pregnant.

Can you vaccinate for rabies in nursing pets?

You can vaccinate the mother. The babies need to be at least 4 monhts old before their immune system can handle a Rabies vaccine. Do not vaccinate a pregnant animal with Rabies. It can affect the unborns.

Can 2 female red eared sliders have babies?

Yes, if one of them was pregnant before they got together.

Does alcohol before pregnancy cause potential problems?

Not necessarily. Just don't drink while you are pregnant. Most women have healthy babies even if they drank the first couple before they knew they were pregnant.

Do male and female rabbits need to separated before birth?

Yes they need to be separated because the father male could eat the babies . I have a male that would eat the babies before I could get to them not knowing that the female was pregnant !

What effects does smoking have on a pregnant woman?

Smoking cigarettes is probably the number 1 cause of adverse outcomes for babies. Complications that occur frequently are: babies born prematurely, babies born too small or babies who die before they can be born at all.

Do you have to get a period before you can get pregnant after the implanon is removed?

You can get pregnant two weeks before your first period after having the contraceptive implant removed. Use another method of birth control if you don't want to get pregnant.

How can you tell when your rabbit will have her babies?

Count 30 days from when she was mated. About 2 days before she has her babies she should start to build a nest, this is another indicator!

After doing IVF the doctor returned 3 babies to your body Now you are pregnant so what are the chances to be pregnant with 3 babies?

When three eggs are sent to your body usually only one will survive. The chances are slim for you to have triplets. People have had multiple births by doing this before.

How long before your rabbit will have her babies?

a doe is pregnant for 36 days . A rabbit's gestation period is 30 days NOT thirty six.

My guinea pig is small. I think she is pregnant. How long will it be before she has her babies?

Guinea pigs pregnancies last for 10weeks

Does suffering with heavy vaginal discharge and thrush regulary affect the chances of getting pregnant?

no it does not affect your chances but should be checked immediately before it spreads

How long before rabbits can have another litter?

As soon as they have had the first litter they can get pregnant again

I have two female rabbits one of them got pregnant with my friends male rabbit my question is will the baby rabbits be all right with another female around?

It will take around a month until the babies are born. You'll need to separate the female rabbits before she gives birth and until the babies have grown up. You should be able to put them back together after. But the rabbit without babies may get jealous and kill the babies.

Do you have babies on imvu?

Yes, you can have babies on IMVU. It is up to you if you want to get a baby before you get a boyfriend/ husband first but you can still have a baby before that. Just go to the shop on women's. Type in the search bar 'PREGNANT BELLY' and click on the one you like the best. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will pizza hurt the baby if you r pregnant?

Well most certainly yesjust like watermelons will kill babies before conception