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Q: If your seventeen yr old daughter moves out and gets an apartment on her own does support still have to be paid?
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Do you pay support when daughter is eighteen out of high school has a child and moves into apartment with boyfriend?

no if she is 18 and not in collage.z

If your seventeen year old child moves out do you still receive child support on them?

Yes, up to the state requirements. see links below.

Do you have to pay child support if your daughter moves out?

Yes, if she is under the age of 18. At 18 she is an adult, but until then she is a minor and you are the parent so you pay child support.

What happens to the child support when your daughter has a baby and moves out with her boyfriend and no longer living with her mother?

If the daughter is no longer living with her mother, and is independent, then you could petition to end child support. If she is still in highschool, you might continue to pay with the agreement that the money transfers from mother to daughter.

Your daughter has 2 children is not married to father he does not pay child support can she move to another state?

I think she can, than go after him for support once she moves, she is the bread winner

What if your daughter turns 18 in June She is moving out of your home Her Father pays child support still because she is in high school What happens to the child support if she moves out?

it goes directly to the child.

What can a parent do if a child moves out at age seventeen in Michigan?

Call the police and report them as a runaway.

If a seventeen year old from a divorce moves out of their parents home do they still receive the child support till they are eighteen?

18 is not the age for stopping child support in all states. If it is 18 in your state, by the time you get a court hearing the child will have aged out. see links below

My daughter was emancipated in new york state she's 18 will I have to start paying child support again if she moves back in with her mom?

Regardless, child support continues until age 21. see link

Does your boyfriend have to pay support to his ex wife when his daughter moves out of the house and is now 20 years of age?

Probably not, but he should return to court and get an order terminating support (including a statement that he owes no arrearage). He should not unilaterally stop paying support.

Can I lose spousal support if my boyfriend moves in?

You can lose spousal support if your boyfriend moves in with you. It is up to the courts to determine this.

What legal obligations does a father take on when he cosigns for his 22-year-old daughter who is renting her first apartment?

did you mean "who is he 1st renter on the apartment?" your daughter would be, but if she fails to meet all requirements of the lease agreement ie.staying the term, getting pets, or roommates, or damages the property and moves out, if she does not pay for damages or rent or rent when she was supposed to stay for so long but did not, then you can be held responsible for anything owed.

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