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If your state tax return is direct deposit will tax rebate check be direct deposit too?

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yes it will be direct dep. also..

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If your social security check is direct deposit will your tax rebate check be too?

probably yes

If you had your taxes electronically funded does this mean your rebate will be done same way?

Yes. If you elected Direct Deposit on your income tax return, your stimulus check will also be direct deposited into the same account.

What happens to your stimulus rebate if the bank account that your tax refund was credited to is no longer open?

If they are unable to direct deposit it, they will mail you a check.

Refund anticipation loan with direct deposit through h r block how will the IRS send you your rebate check?

your check will be mailed to you but may take longer

How are Lowe's associates paid by check or direct deposit?

Direct Deposit.. If they do not have your Direct Deposit set up for your first paycheck then sometimes you will get a paper check you can cash.

When will the tax rebate come if your social security number ends with 69?

the economic stimulous checks are mailed out (or direct deposited) according to when you filed your 2007 income tax statement. If your refund was direct deposit to your bank account - you will be among the first to receive a check. if you filed late, and requested a regular check (instead of direct deposit) you will get your check last.

What if you have not received your rebate check and your last two digits are 41?

if you don't have direct deposit (info registered already w/ the feds) you will get a paper check which is delayed. I just got mine w/ 06 as my last 2 numbers..

How much are direct tv rebates?

Direct tv rebate offers change throughout the year so there is not one set rebate price. Before you sign up with Direct tv, you should check their website to find out what the current deal is.

How do you change sending direct deposit payroll check to a direct deposit account?

Contact human resources at your employment and request the change.

Consider Receiving a Direct Deposit?

Choosing to receive a direct deposit refund can reduce the amount of time you wait for a refund. With a direct deposit refund, the government will deposit funds right into one of your accounts within a few days. If you decide to receive a check from the government, you will have to wait at least two to three weeks to receive the check. Direct deposit saves you from the hassle of having to check the mail and make sure you have received your check from the government. In addition, the odds that your check is lost in the mail are eliminated.

Can your boss go into your checking account and check it out if you have direct deposit?


Can you deposit your niece's income tax return into your account with permission?

Can I deposit my niece's income tax return check with her permission <><><><><> Your niece needs to countersign the income tax refund check.

Is it possible to deposit the SSS check to my BPI account wherein it should be in PNB bank?

You can deposit a SS check in any back account that has your name on it. This only applies if it is a check not already direct deposit.

Are the Rebate checks being sent out by the Social Security number?

They are being sent out by the social security number if you're receiving a paper check. If you filed using direct deposit, then all of them should (in theory) be distributed as of Friday may 2nd.

How do you change your Walgreen's check to direct deposit into your bank account?

Login to the store computer and go to StoreNet. StoreNet >Tools > Direct Deposit > E-PayRoll.

If looking for amendment check will you still get a rebate check on time?

if looking for amendment check will you still get a rebate check on time?

What if you haven't received your stimulus check on the designated date?

That depends. First, you have to be qualified. Second, your return has to have been processed by April 15. If both are true, the IRS can't do anything until it's been four weeks since the check was mailed. If you were expecting a direct deposit, it will be converted to a check if you had a refund loan or had fees deducted from the refund.

How do you check the status of your PA SSI rent rebate check?

When are we getting our rent rebate checks are we getting them early??

How quick can you get your income tax?

If you mail your tax return to the IRS, and the IRS decides that it is complete and accurate, they will issue you a refund check or direct deposit within six weeks of the date they received your forms. If you file your return electronically, the IRS will issue your refund check or direct deposit within three weeks of the date they acknowledge your return. The fastest way to get your tax refund is to file electronically and request direct deposit. Please note that the Refund Anticipation Loans offered by some income tax preparers are loans, and not your refund. Your refund will go to the preparer to pay back the loan, including interest and fees.

What time direct deposit checkin the bank wells fargo?

A direct deposit can take anywhere for a day to 3 days. This all depends on the back and what amount the check is.

Do NFL players get paid after they play the game by check or is it direct deposit?


What are negotiated checks?

When your your check says negotiated it usually means direct deposit.

How do you return an unemployment check if you don't want to deposit it?

Contact the office that sent it.

How do you check the status of your renters rebate for Pa?

You can check the status of Property Tax/Rent Rebate applications online by going to the PAPROPERTYTAXRELIEF COM websiteProperty Tax/Rent Rebate applicants can check rebate status by calling, toll-free, 1-888-PATAXES.Or you can click on the Below Related LinkRebate checks are not mailed until after July 1st.

How long does it take for netspend to post money from a direct deposit?

I get my pay roll deposit on wed. around 11 30 pm from my job while other people get theirs on friday morning