If your stomach hurts after you eat is that a sign of pregnancy?


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Ah, no. There would be a lot of other symptoms to consider the possibility of pregnancy.

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Yes, you can be pregnant if your stomach hurt's and you can not eat. Best way to tell, is get a pregnancy test.

You should not eat anything at all and you should probably lay down on your stomach

they will start to eat grass!

Answer:There are many reasons why your stomach hurts after you eat. Maybe you are allergic to the foods you ate so your stomach hurtsYou probably ate too much foodYou may be suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome

bananas rice bread applesauce

The doctor says it's best to eat soup and milk.

Yes! Some women's appetites dramatically increase with pregnancy. No, it's a sign you need to eat. Not a sign of pregnancy.

What will happen I ate a plum seed and my stomach hurts

my stomach is empty. Let's go an eat something.

You eat food by picking it up and putting it in your mouth. You eat it when you're hungry. When you're hungry, your stomach hurts really, really bad.

camels eat thorns because they like spikey things and it can pokes out their stomach when they eat it. Mainly because it hurts them so bad.

if you can't track down the food that hurts than you may be intolerant to fructose (high fructose corn syrup which is in everything)

this happens because with most peoplw when the sad there stomach starts to hurt and when you stomach hurts you wan to eat

It can be a sign of pregnancy...also you might be very tired or feel like you are getting the flu...achy, etc.

No. If you are pregnant you may eat a lot, but it is not a sign of pregnancy, it is a sign of hunger and/or greed.

Its perfectly normal. Put something warm in your tummy . Eat a banana and drink water

Yes. Some people eat more, some people eat less.

Well, sometimes my stomach hurts and i throw up because i eat too much.

Not normally means they have a stomach ache.

no its a sign that you need to eat or you have to go to the toilet

No, unless you eat the baby, your stomach is not involved in pregnancy or birth of the child.

I think it is not OK to eat it because you cannot eat crustaceans while you are pregnant because it will affect your child's stomach.

Before: I wouldn't really encourage heavy eating before swimming, but if you eat something, eat carbs--muffin, pasta, bread, et cetera. Don't drink milk, because it can result in stomach cramps. After: If your stomach hurts, eat a banana.

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