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ok if your stomach hurts a day or two after intercource that isn't a sign of pregnancy. this just means that either somthings wrong and you need to consult a doctor about in or a parent or it means that he just showed you what his endowment can do.

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Q: If your stomach hurts two days after intercourse could that mean you are pregnant?
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If it hurts during intercourse when the guy is on top could you be pregnant?

No. If it hurts during intercourse you need to use more lubricant. If you don´t know if you´re pregnant, you need to take a home pregnancy test.

Why do you feel like peeing all the time and your stomach hurts?

You could be pregnant.

Why does it mean when your stomach hurts?

your pregnant

What does it mean when your stomach hurts to suck in?

It could just be cramps. I have looked up this question many times and never have anyone said it hurts to suck in their stomach while pregnant.

Your stomach hurts the day after sex could you be prengnet?

yes your pregnant btw(by the way)thats so not how you spell pregnant

If your stomach hurts where your ovaries are does that mean im pregnant?


What does it mean when your Stomach hurt feels like your going to throw up does that mean your pregnant?

No, my stomach hurts pretty bad right now but I could be sick or just something like a stomach ache. But that doesn't necessarily mean your pregnant.

Does it mean your pregnant if it hurts to lay on stomach?

if your asking for an early sign "no" it would not hurt your stomache to lay on it, could be gas

Your upper stomach hurts and feels bloated are you pregnant?


Can you be pregnant if your stomach hurts and you can not eat?

Yes, you can be pregnant if your stomach hurt's and you can not eat. Best way to tell, is get a pregnancy test.

If a girls stomach hurts does it mean she is pregnant even if she hasn't had her period?

A girls stomach can hurt anytime. It doesn't mean she is pregnant OR on her period.

What does it mean when your stomach is hard and it hurts?

You may be pregnant... if not consult an doctor !

You ate garlic your stomach hurts and you are pregnant?

This may have just upset your stomach, advise some antiacid.

How can you cure stomach pain?

If you are pregnant and have stomach pain you have to consult your doctor. The cure depends on the reason it hurts.

The bottom of your stomach hurts you have stomach cramps and you feel nausea in the evening and you feel tired almost everyday what could be wrong?

You could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test. If the result is negative, go and see the doctor

What could be wrong if you are 30 weeks pregnant and when you cough your left side of your stomach hurts?

You could be having placenta problems, you should contact a doctor and ask for an ultrasound.

I stay nauseous and the left side of my stomach hurts all the time. What could be causing this?

I stay nauseous and the left side of my stomach hurts all the time. What could this be?

Does a pregnant woman's stomach hurt?

It hurts when the uterus get bigger to accommodate the fetus.

If your stomach hurts to suck in can you be pregnant?

My period started but my nipples feel different and i cant strecth does that mean am pregnant?

What would I have or not have when your neck hurts and can't move it then your stomach hurts with a lot of diary Then small migraines these all keep going on and off for 3 days?

There is a few things that could be wrong when your neck, head and stomach hurts. You could be getting a bug.

Why does it hurt when you press down on your stomach?

It hurts many ways... for instance... let's consider a pregnant lady... It hurts physically, because you can feel the pain of the force applied onto the stomach... It hurts mentally, because pregnant ladies usually freaks out when someone pushes their stomachs. And it hurts emotionally, because a pregnant lady would have to consider abortion if that ever happened.

Is a girl pregnant if her stomach hurts when it is touched?

No not necessarily, it could be an underlying problem or condition within that area being touched that would need to be looked at by a doctor.

Why do you feel so much pressure on your stomach and kinda feel Sick to your stomach?

I'm scared everytime i lay on my stomach it hurts. Does this mean I'm pregnant?

What does it mean when your stomach hurts when you cough?

You could have a hydel herniah

Could you be pregnant if you're 10 days late and light-headed and your stomach hurts and you feel sick?

Look at it this way, you could be pregnant if you've had unprotected sex, or if you've had protected sex. Some women become pregnant on the pill, not often, but it has been claimed to have happened.