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God no, darling! You either have a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection, both can be dealt with easily with antibiotics from your doctor!


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What does it mean when you have a pinching pain in vagina while pregnant

Not without male sperm. Use "vagina" alternate in forum vs slang.

It is another version of the "p" word, and refers to a vagina

No. You should get it checked out to see what the cause is.

This question isn't very clear. If you mean sperm was put into your vagina manually then pregnancy will not result from this as sperm dies shortly after coming into contact with air. If you mean you had intercourse then you can become pregnant if your partner ejaculated or inserted his penis into the vagina(preejaculation.)

If you are pregnant and you have a pain close to your vagina it may be due to the baby pushing and pressing against your insides causing discomfort. You should however consult a doctor to be sure.

If you mean anal sex, then no you cannot get pregnant from anal sex. But if sperm enters the vagina, then yes you can get pregnant from any position.

okay just because the girl is on top doesn't mean she can't get pregnant , if sperm gets in her vagina she can get pregnant , no matter what position.

no. discharge is like thick liquid stuff which comes out of the vagina

no it is not the indication of pregnancy. please consult specialist.

No, masterbating or licking your hands won't get you pregnant. Sperm from a male needs to enter your vagina and meet up with and fertilise one of your eggs for you to get pregnant.

my girlfriend got a call from her cousin her cousin asked what dose it mean when you bleeding from you vagina and you skin peels is it a std

that could be a sign but if you start to feel sick in the morning and having belly cramps you might be pregnant.

No, a woman's vagina is always wet/moist due to discharge which keeps it healthy and clean. The vagina get more wet when she's aroused.

not really its probably because she not horny and when a girl does get roused up her cliteris is hard just the same way as a boy's penis is hard and then juices start to flow in her vagina and then her vagina is wet.

You will not menstruate while pregnant. But there can be a large number of other reasons that blood flows from the vagina even while pregnant all of which require medical attention.

A vaginal fart is not proof of anything, apart from having had some air trapped up there.

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