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The actual account holder is the person who is responsible for the debt. If a married couple reside in a community property state, they are usually equally responsible for debts, including credit card accounts.

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Q: If your wife gets a credit card and you am not a guarantor or signator for that card are you liable for the debt after her death in the state of Florida?
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Can a 15-year-old use a debit or credit card?

yes if the credit contract is counter signed by a guarantor. This means that if there are any problems with the paymnet the guiatantor is liable for the debt.

If a minor defaults on a loan does the guarantor have to repay the loan?

The guarantor is liable to pay the entire loan on demand of the creditor plus any collection fees.

Can you be held liable for adult children's debts?

Not unless the parent was a co-signer or guarantor.

What is difference between specific guarantee and continuing guarantee?

Definition of "Continuing Guarantee"A continuing guarantee is a guarantee where the guarantor assumes liability for any past, present and future obligations owed by a debtor to a lender or creditor. Even where the amount owing has been completely paid, the guarantor can still be liable under that line of credit if there is a subsequent indebtedness. Also known as a continuing guaranty. A common example is a guarantee for a revolving line of credit. specific guaranteeWritten undertaking to fulfill a specific obligation. Also called specific guarantee.

Are you liable for your husbands credit card?

Yes, you are liable for your husbands credit card.

Will your husband be liable if the Home goes into default and the home is in the wife's name?

your husband will be liable only if his name appears on the loan or mortgage documents as a co-guarantor of the loan

Is an additional credit card holder liable for the whole debt on the credit card account?

ia an additional credit card holder liable for the whole debt of the credit card account

What are the responsibilities of the guarantor on an apartment lease?

A guarantor is someone who has agreed to be legally bound to pay certain debts of another person if that other person does not, for any reason, pay his or her own debts. A guarantor of an apartment lease will be liable for the rent not paid by the tenant, as well as for any damage done and repairs not made by the tenant. Being a guarantor involves much more than simply being a reference for another person. Being a guarantor could end up costing someone thousands of dollars.

Does the guarantor on a loan get a ccj if the debtor gets summoned to county court?

When debt issues get to the court as civil actions, the lender almost always includes everyone listed on the loan (including the guarantor) as a defendant in the case. If the lender wins, the judge will usually give the debtor some chance to pay the debt as a result of the judgment. If either (1) the judge does not believe that the debtor can pay or (2) the debtor does not pay after being guided to do so, then the guarantor will become liable for the debt and have a judgment lodged against them. The best way to avoid such action as a guarantor is to not let the debtor get to court in the first place and work with the lender to mitigate the potential credit damage to all parties to the loan.

Is it required by law in Tennessee if a person that signs an apartment lease as a Guarantor is married that both the Guarantor and spouse must sign and execute this Guaranty Agreement?

No. Nothing under the law requires that any Guarantor exist for any contract in Tennessee. However, if a Guarantor is sought, that is an issue of contract which will generally be enforced by the Courts. If the Guarantor is married and the spouse signs the guarantee, then the spouse becomes individually liable for the guarantee to the full extent as the original Guarantor. Individuals should enter into guarantees very very carefully with the assistance of a lawyer or what appears to be a limited guarantee could actually be open ended. The totality of all the documents must be read together to obtain the meaning of the individual parts of the total agreement being guaranteed.

Can a spouse have her name placed on your credit cards as a second card holder with out your authorization Can you be held financially liable for her debts in Florida these were not joint accounts?

Under Florida law a spouse cannot be held liable for debt repayment if the debt was not jointly incurred. The issue concerning the second card holder will need to be taken up with the creditor. If the couple were still legally married at the time, the creditor will probably accept the spouse's right to use the account. In which case the account holder will be held liable for all charges pertaining to the account in question.

Am I liable for my husband's credit card debt incurred before we met?


Can my spouse be liable for my credit card dept?

Nope.... your debts are YOUR responsibility.

What happens if one of your credit cards is sold or transferred to another credit card company?

you are still liable to pay what you owe

In the state of Florida will you be liable for your spouses child support if you get married?


Can apartment complex hold me liable as a guarantor when I was unaware of terms and did NOT sign contract or lease and did not provide consent for your signature?

They could go after you, but that would mean proving to a judge that you actually did sign the lease as a guarantor. It would come down to who the judge believed, and probably a comparison of signatures by the judge. Anything could happen, but the burden of proof would be on the landlord, and it would be tough.

How do you sign a credit application for a business with out being held personally liable?

Its possible to do it and its not......

What is a co-signer?

There are two separate meanings for co-signer although the latter is the one most often referred to in questions about co-signing:As a co-borrower:A co-signer/co-borrower/co-maker has an equal liability with another. This is in contrast with a guarantor who is liable only if the primary obligor defaults.As a guarantor:A co-signer as guarantor is a third party to the loan who guarantees the loan will be repaid thus reducing the risk of the lender. This co-signer is the person, other than the primary borrower, who signs for the loan and assumes equal liability for the loan. However, the guarantor/co-signer only has a contingent liability. That means they guarantee the loan will be repaid and if the principal borrower defaults the co-signer will be responsible for paying the loan. This is a risky transaction for the co-signer since they are required because the principal borrower has poor credit or no credit and there is a greater chance they will default.

Are you liable for the bill when someone has used your credit card?

If you knew they were using it yes. You are also in breach of your credit card agreement and may also be party to a criminal fraud. If you did not know they were using it, then if you can convince the Bank of this you are not liable; you are a victim of a crime.

Am i responsible for my spouse's credit card debt after they die in the state of Ohio?

Only in certain instances. If your name on the credit card debt? For instance, is it a joint account? If so, you are liable for it. If not, you are not legally liable for it. Some sneaky collection agencies will try to tell you that you are liable when you are not. This is illegal. Learn your rights against collection agencies by reading up on the FDCPA.

If you owned a small percentage of a company that closed and the primary owner used personal credit cards to finance it and now claimed bankruptcy can they charge you for the cc debt?

This would depend upon the terms of the contract which established the debt. If your former partner was the sole personal guarantor of the debt, it doesn't matter who else owned the company. If you co-signed or were joint on the account, then you have shared liability, regardless of the outcome of the business venture. If you did happen to be jointly liable for this debt; his bankruptcy discharged all of his liability. You would now be 100% liable for the balance. Conversely, if you were an authorized user on this account, you do not meet the definition of "debtor" under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Although it is typical, it is not proper (or legal), for this to show on your credit report. Authorized user have NO liability for such accounts, even if they personally made the charges. Only account holders in a contractual agreement are legally liable for the debt.

When you die do your children have to pay your credit card off?

The estate is responsible for the debts. Anyone on the credit card would also be liable for the debt.

Would my mother's children be liable for any credit card debt she had at the time of her death?

Your mother's estate is responsible for her credit card debt.

If you were laid off in Florida can you file your unemployment claim in Wisconsin?

You can ask Wisconsin's office for assistance, but Florida is the "liable" state who is responsible for your benefit, if you qualified under Florida's regulations.

Are you liable for unsecured debt if you die in Florida?

A dead person in any state is not liable for debt. The deceased's estate is responsible for the debts to the extent there are assets in the estate to pay them.