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There are other things that can make someone late for their period. An ovarian cyst may be the reason, or it could be stress, pelvic immflamitory disease, endometriosis, eptopic pregnancy, and probably some other things. If her gynocoligist doesn't look further into this, maybe she she go elsewhere. And if you give it a little more time, try another test, it could just be too soon. The cyst should not interfere with the blood test, but it may have interfered with her ovulation. If you and your wife are trying to conceive and she tracks her ovulation, this month may not be accurate. If the cyst ruptures, it may cause premature or late ovulation, or ovulation may not have occured.

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Q: If your wife is late for her period and has had 4 negative home pregnancy tests and a negative blood test but she has an ovarian cyst could that make the outcome of the tests wrong?
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You are sexually active and you have tested negative for pregnancy Why are you not having your period?

Could you possibly have an ovarian cyst? A study I read recently attributes irregular cycles to ovarian cysts. Stress from a late cycle will also cause your cycle to be late.

You missed your period for 2 months but the pregnancy test is negative?

It could be a number of things. Stress, Pregnancy (yes, in rare cases it could show up negative) Thyroid trouble Ovarian cysts... the list goes on and on Please get this checked by your OBGYN as soon as possible.

Is pregnancy still possible after having a period and negative test?

No, a period and a negative HPT (used at the appropriate time) indicates no pregnancy.

Can your period cause negative pregnancy tests?

no, your period does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test ~pawsalmighty

If you get your period during pregnancy will your pregnancy test results come out negative?


I have missed a period and a pregnancy test is negative Could i still be pregnant?

it's possible to be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test. it can be a fault negative.

Can you take a home pregnancy test while on your period or should you wait until it is over?

You're period will not affect the outcome of the home pregnancy test. ~pawsalmighty

Period and negative pregnancy test?

. . . means that you arent pregnant.

You took a pregnancy test and it was negative then you had your period 2 days later was it your period or pregnancy bleeding?

Most likely your period. You're probs not pregnant.

Can ovarian cysts cause a positive pregnancy test?


Can you be pregnant if you have been having symptoms of pregnancy but no missed period and two negative pregnancy tests?

if you didnt miss your period your not prego

You have taken two negative pregnancy tests and your period started but was 2 weeks late but could you still be pregnant?

With two negative pregnancy test and a period that'd be extremely unlikely.

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