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If your wife is late for her period and has had 4 negative home pregnancy tests and a negative blood test but she has an ovarian cyst could that make the outcome of the tests wrong?

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June 05, 2005 12:37AM

There are other things that can make someone late for their period. An ovarian cyst may be the reason, or it could be stress, pelvic immflamitory disease, endometriosis, eptopic pregnancy, and probably some other things. If her gynocoligist doesn't look further into this, maybe she she go elsewhere. And if you give it a little more time, try another test, it could just be too soon. The cyst should not interfere with the blood test, but it may have interfered with her ovulation. If you and your wife are trying to conceive and she tracks her ovulation, this month may not be accurate. If the cyst ruptures, it may cause premature or late ovulation, or ovulation may not have occured.