If your wife went out with some friends and her panties have weird stains how do you know if they are semen stains?

  • First off I think it's strange you're checking out your wife's panties, so it appears you are extremely suspicious of your wife's comings and goings. Women can leave stains in their underwear from discharge to period time, so I have no idea what you are looking for. Only you know if you are having marital problems and if you are, then sit down with your wife (don't accuse her of cheating) and ask if she is happy in your marriage. Communication is everything!
  • Take a black light to her panties. Semen shows up with a black light, but discharge from a woman's vagina can may also show up.
  • Woman do discharge many ways during the month. It depends what time of the month. Ever hear of the rhythm method? A woman's discharge tells her when she is fertile. Don't judge your wife, ask her. If you don't the suspicion will drive you crazy. If you are checking panties also check cell phone records, but communicating with her might answer a lot of your questions or fears.
  • If you are checking your wife's panties, I think you are extremely insecure! Women have discharge at all different times of the month and assuming that it is semen is outrageous! If you don't trust her to that extent you should not be married to her!


I can understand someone asking "why are you checking your wife's panties". But telling you you should not be married to her is NOT good advice. This clown needs to understand at this point you are only looking into a suspition. Gathering all the facts BEFORE divorcing your wife is a noble thing.

Latest stats show that women committing infidelity has been on the increase for several years. We have all heard 40% of women, and 60% of men cheat. The burning question has always been: if 60% of men cheat, who are men cheating with???

What it came down to was years ago, women were still doing just as much cheating, but they were not being as open as men when asked about extramarital affairs. 2007 Stats show 65% of women cheat as compared to 68% of men. Now that the truth is out, the playing field is almost level. So much for men being the bad guy!

Checking your wife's panties, sounds odd to some. But it is one way of finding the facts.

Moving forward, forget the black light. You can go online and find Sperm detection kits with 5 separate tests for $25.00 I think you can get 10 tests for $40.00. These kits turn purple when Sperm is detected. Other types of vaginal discharge will not turn the test strip purple. If you see purple, and its not from you, she's cheating.

One thing to consider with the pantie test: If they are using condoms, your screwed. You would have to catch that one time the condom broke or they didn't use one.

Sorry to bring this up but: if she is giving oral without a condom you could check her shirt or bra for stains.

One thing about sexual affairs you have going for you. People talk about them. Have a trusted friend do some detective work by tailing her or asking around. (Female friends are better at this.) Use a friends car she does not know, or rent a cheap car for the night and follow her. Take a trusted friend with you, to help you keep your cool if you see something upsetting. You don't want to loose your cool and end up in jail. Even better, hire a detective. Like Cheaters.com.

Bottom line, if your gut feeling is there is something up, then you are not a wacko for checking your wife's underwear. Maybe you watch a bit too much CSI, but your method of detection is one way to find the truth.

Men who do the laundry are not strange, we know where the disharge usually appears and if you see a stain out of place, it raises a red flag.



You could always ask her. It's all about trust and honesty...isn't it?