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im 13 mate

and my penis when erect is about 6 inches

is ur 1 inch when uve got a erection or normall

my penis when normal is about 2 inch

so dont worry

it may grow


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it doesnt matter if your "thing" is long or short.

If your below 15, i wouldn't worry about it.

Bad doesn't apply, everyone is different. You still have some growing to do and that will probably include your penis. I would however see a doctor and have your hormones checked to make sure you are developing as you should. There may be other things that need to be checked besides the size of your penis.

No it is average for your age. See the related question below.

That's good. the average penis length is about 5-6 inches, so you're good.

NO! you have a very small penis.LOSER! ur puberty stops at that age. too bad. :(

No, it is not bad. It is just the size you are. It is long enough to have a sexual relationship and you may still have some time to grow more.

No. Many young men THINK they have a small penis. If you are very young, you still have growing to do.

Its perfectly normal. Is that 4.8" when erect or not erect.

Measure the top side, not the underneath and get back to me. Whatever you may have, it is not bad or good, it is how you are, what you have and that is normal for you.

honestly that's not bad. some peepl just mature later than others my one friend still has a baby penis for gods sake!! ha its good im eleven i have a 15 cm

By 18 he should have long had pubic and armpit hair. He may still have some growth in him but that is about over. Kinda scary you know his penis size.

No there is nothing wrong about that

Don't worry about it, you are in the middle of puberty and have some growing to do overall. This will most likely include your penis. We all get what we get and everyone seems to do alright.

There is no relationship between height and penis size. There is no good or bad to it, it is what you have. Average adult is 6 to 7 inches so you are slightly above average.

Really bad, it implies that you have some kind of accelerated growth tumor and should consider seeing a professional health expert.

yes that's just sad average is 6 or 7 inches

You are nearing the the middle of puberty, you still have some ways to go. Over time your body may experience somesmall changes that others may notice and you won't.

There isn't much you can do to make your penis longer. If you are still a boy it will grow all by itself during puberty.

As long as the lotion doesn't contain any ingredients you're allergic to, no.

It makes you grow dicks! and if your a man.... you still have your dick... but instead theres a vagina at the end of yourrr penis!

Liam Payne's penis size: The Payne train is the biggest out of the band measuring 10 inches! Big, i know! Louis Tomlinson's penis size: The nine inches of love is the 2nd biggest, measuring 9 inches! Zayn Malik's penis size: This Bad Boi is 8.5 inches long! Bad Boi isn't it? Harry Styles' penis size: Harry's 'thing' is 8 inches long! Niall Horan's penis size: The Little Leppy, (Named by my friends XD)is the smallest measuring 7.5 inches!

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