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Don't let anyone else tell you are fat or thing, ETC. Eat as much as you want, if your body is telling you to eat and drink, do it! Although, I would make a few restrictions, Just keep a Good balanced Diet, take exersice, etc. Good Luck Yours Faithfully, Doctors at London Medical.

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You weigh 9 stone and you are 13 years old is that over weight?

9 stone equals 126 pounds. Depends on the height.

If you are eleven and weigh eight stone are you overweight?

you are over weight

You are 14 years old and you weigh 8 stone 5 you are also 5ft8 are you over weight?

Not at all, half a stone lighter and I'd say you are underweight.

Im 22 weigh 9half stone height 5.4 are you over weight?


Im 5 ft and weigh 8.7 stone am i over weight?

It depends on how tall you are and at 5 ft is a right weight ,i am 5 ft 3 and also weigh 8.7 stone and have been told it is a healthy sustainable weight.

You are 7 stone and 11 years old are you over weight?

Of course you are not over weight for an 11 year old. It really depends on your height, you should be happy with what you weigh for your age. A lot of 11 year olds weight ranges from 5-7 stone. It really doesn't matter as long as you eat healthily and carry out your usual amount of exercise, but you are definitely not over wait if you are 7 stone and 11 years old. I've got a friend who is 13 and she is 9 stone. She always feels down about her wait but she knows that she must feel good about her self, and that it doesn't matter how old you are or how much you weigh. You are 100% not over weight!

If your a girl 5ft3 and weigh 7.3stone are you over weight or fat?

7.3 stone is definitely not fat!

You are a 15 year old girl and weigh 11 stone and 8lb are you over weight?

It depends on your height.

I am 10 and weigh 7 and a half stone neally and I am 4 foot 6 am I over weight?

No you are not over weight, and as you grow you will become leaner naturally. At 10 you should be out enjoying yourself not worrying about being 7 stone.

You are a 15 year old girl you weigh 9 stone you are 5 ft 5 you think you are over weight is it true?

depends on what the "stone" stands for...

How much should a 17 years old girl weight?

I don't know but 14 pounds is 1 stone but if you weighh over 11 stone you are fat because look at the celebz that's what they weigh and they are much older than you

Is 9 stone overweight for an 14 year old girl?

No its not over weight or obese it is at the highter end of the BMI scale and it all depends on your height. i am 5ft 3ich and weigh 8 10 if you are over 5ft 1inch then 9 stone is not over weight :)

Are you over weight if you weigh 110 and you are ten years old and your height is 4.6?

you are overweight

I am 14 years old 4'10 and weigh 94 lbs am i over weight?


I am 13 and my height is 5'5 i weigh 135.8 pounds or 9.7 stone am i over weight?

No for someone that age it's natural if your tall you hold more weight

Is a girl height 4'10 weighs 135 over weight shes 13?

Yes she is to much over weight if shes 13 because you should only weigh maximum 7 stone.

How much should 12 year olds weigh in stones?

Between 6-8 stone is the healthy weight. I'm just over 10 stone and I am fat, with rolls of flab and stuff. So really, the way to find out if you are fat or not is to look at your body and how much fat you have on it.

You weigh 8 stone everyone calls you fat is that over weight im 5 foot 3?

no i weight 8 stone and im also 5'3. i have some larger body parts; i.e. my thighs, but you definitely are not fat:)No! not at all 8 stone is a perfect weight for 5'3!

I am a 5'3 female that's 21 years old and weigh 147 am i over weight?


I am 14 years old and weigh 9.2 stone and I am 5ft8 am I over weight?

You are most certainly not overweight! You are lucky to have extra height "5'8" and could carry even an extra stone (10.2) without looking overweight. Your fine! Keep calm and carry on.

I am 5'4 and 13 years old is 8 stone 9 over weight?

So your 5'4 13 and 8 stone 9 That is not overweight :)

If you are eleven and weigh 7.8 stone and your height is 5 foot 2 are you over weight?

no you are definitely not overweight. you are actually doing very well . your weight is average for your height and age.

If your 11 years old and you weigh 10.5 stones are you over weight?

Yes. You are classed as severly obese.

If your11 years old you are 52 tall and weigh 49 kg are you over weight?

umm it depends

You are 12 years old and you are 5 ft 3 and you weigh 10 stone are you fat?

if your only 12 that might be considered over weight That is best decided by a doctor though. Every body style is different.