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Yes, because he's illegal.

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What did the police do about the kristallnacht?

they were ordered not to interfere.

Is lying to police after an accident illegal?

Is lying to the police illegal?

What if your boyfriend beat you the police took pics then they told him about thisis this illegal from the police point of view?

once the police is in it,your boyfriend would be facing charges, may be a misdeminior or a felony. the only way he could be left relief of those charges is if the girlfriend drop charges against the boyfriend, but he might still be in his record as an assault and battery offence.

You are a jamaican living illegal in the UK with your polish boyfriend is it possible for you to get married?

it is deffenitly allowed for you to get married, just go to the nearest police station tell them ur an illegal immagrant and that you want ot marry your polish boyfriend and im sure they will help you out

Are the argument police going to arrest you if a program says illegal argument?

There is no such thing as an illegal argument so the illegal police will not arrest you.

If a girl is 15 and pregnant and the boyfriend is 18 can he get done by the police in the UK?

yes he could as it is illegal for an adult (over 16) to have intercourse with a child (under 16)

Lying to the police?

Is illegal

Is it Illegal to say the police?

It is not illegal. I can just say police now and I won't be arrested, so don't worry.

What to do if your ex boyfriend threatening your current boyfriend?

Call the police

Can a police officer have illegal tint on his personal car?

Illegal is illegal, period. Contrary to what some seem to think, the law applies to police officers, as well.

Is it illegal to record the police in Texas?


Is it illegal in the UK to impersonate?

yes - it's illegal to impersonate a police officer

Is it illegal for a police sit in the dark with no lights on?

Depends on the state, but in most, no, it is not illegal.

How could you report illegal people?

People cannot be illegal. If you want to report illegal activity, contact the police.

Is it illegal to give out the location of police officers on duty?

Whether it is illegal to give out the location of a police officer on duty depends on the purpose for giving out the information. If is to further a criminal conspiracy, yes, it is illegal to give out the location of police officers on duty. If the information is given out for an innocent purpose, I believe it would not be illegal.

How do you Report illegal immigrant?

you turn him in to the police

Is it illegal for a minor to sign a paper for the police?


How do you get rid of a killer boyfriend?

Call the police.

Are you allowed to video the police?

Yes, as long as you do not interfere with their duties while doing so.

How can you hear police radio in your neighbourhood?

A: that is illegal for the USA It not illegal unless there is a local ordnance.

Can an Indiana state highway patrol hide with his lights off behind a barrier and pull someone over?

As long as a police officer does not provoke you to do anything illegal, they may hide and use any reasonable tatic they wish in order to find people doing illegal things, as long as it does not interfere with your constitutional rights.

What do you do when your boyfriend beats you up?

I would suggest saying to your boyfriend that he is a jerk and you never want to see him again. If that doesn't work, tell him that he can do anything to you, but if it's illegal, you'll call the police. This should discourage him. You could also try telling him you love him.When a guy hears that, they will run away. Or call the police. Believe me, one of these should work.

Is it illegal to make anti-police and anti-government music?

Depending on where you live, it may or may not be illegal to make anti-police and anti-government music. In the US, it is not illegal as long as there are no threats.

What is something police dogs do to get the police officer in trouble?

He bites the police officer after smelling illegal substances on the officer's person.

Is it illegal to put police on your car if you are not a police officer? can if he/she ask a nowadays some police are using public transport.

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