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Im a 13 year old year that is 5ft 10inches how much should you weigh?

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I think you should weigh about 140.

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How much should a 38 year old weigh?

i think a 38 year old should weigh in the 180's

Im a twenty year old female my height's about 5'5 how much should i weigh?

im a twenty year old female that is about 5'5 how much should i weigh? im a sixteen year old female that is about 5'2 how much shouldi weigh

How much should a 37 year old lady weigh?

They should weigh anywere from 200-400

How much should a 4'11 10 year old weigh?

You should weigh around 90 to 105

How much should a 42 year old weigh?

I think a healthy42 year old women should weigh from150 yo 210

How much should a 9 year old girl old weigh?

A nine year old should weigh 80-90 lbs

How much should a10 year old girl weigh?

A 10 year old girl should weigh anywhere from 90-150.

How much should a 4'8 ten year old girl weigh?

they should weigh about 75 to 85 pounds

How much is a seventeen year old female should weigh?

There is no such thing as "should" in this question. Weights vary. If your doctor says your aren't to skinny or weigh too much, then that's what you should weigh.

How much should a 3-year-old boy weigh?

I think a three year old boy should weigh 35 to about 45 pounds.

How much should a 4' 11 12-year-old weigh?

You should weigh between 92 and 123 pounds.

How much should a ten year old 4'8 boy weigh?

a ten year old boy should weigh about 75-85 pound

How much should a 11-year old at 5'3 weigh?

A 11 year old at 5'3 should weigh between 120-130lbs.

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