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He just wants attention either that or he is trying to make you jealous.


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Everyone a little bit racist sometimes

Sometimes i get a bit confused as well. I go to this website, vampireknight(dot)wikia which gives me a summary on what happened in each chapter.

Everyone that has ever used a kitchen more than a few times has been burned, sometimes only a little and sometimes alot.

Little red seeds are what you'll find. Pomeganates are not to be confused of reddish onions. Little red seeds are what you'll find. Pomeganates are not to be confused of reddish onions.

i thought it was an amazing book. you will MIGHT be a little confused when it comes to a certain point, but you'll catch on very soon. i highly recommend it to everyone! :D

Please edit this question so that it makes a little more sense -- who is confused about what and what are you trying to learn?

yes I'm also little confused ..

uh, im confused. ok. can one say, you this little twitch? no one can not say 'you this'.

Everyone is sometimes moody. Girls are a little more coz of periods n stuff. LIke they worry bout their weight, looks, what ppl fink ect.

well it doesn't really have a conflict... but it could be that Laura sometimes felt left out because everyone admired Mary's beauty. :)

Sometimes a Little Brain Damage Can Help was created in 1984.

The ISBN of Sometimes a Little Brain Damage Can Help is 978-0894712715.

"Confused" may be both a verb and an adjective. It is a verb when it is used as an action, e.g. "My driving instructor confused me when he gave me too many directions at once." It is an adjective when it describes someone, e.g. "The confused little boy wandered the halls of his new school, trying to find his classroom."

When you are young, it takes very little to cause an erection. For a while as you go through puberty, almost anything can give you one. It is not bad, might be a little embarrassing sometimes, but everyone goes through it.

People negotiate to try to get a more positive outcome... either more salary, or a cheaper price, or a bargain they can be happier with. Not everyone negotiates, but if two people are close to agreement and there is just a little bit standing in the way, sometimes it can work out best for everyone.

Need a little more information there sweetie.. my advise is to just wait.

i dont know the answer ia m little be confused....

.... No ....From MeffietwilightvampP.S. I am a little confused. Bella, a singer, or Kristen Stuart?

everyone gets electricity at the same time by a little circut were it colects all the electricity and sends it out in little wires were when you turn it on, you have electricity!!

Everyone likes different things. Sometimes you do like someone else, but your personality does not attract them, so they don't like you back. That's OK for both of you -- everyone has the right to like whoever they want to. It may be sad for a little while, but sometimes it can also have a happy ending if you keep being friendly to them and not get mad, they might decide they like you later on.

Conservative belief in rugged individualism sometimes means that there is no for the little guy?

Five starters, and around seven guys on the bench, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.

She is confused and doesnt know if shes straight or gay

yes they can be a little sometimes

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