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If you are not pregnant then no you cannot be pregnant.

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Q: Im not pregnant but sometimes you feel morning sickness can this be that im pregnant?
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What can you feel when you are pregnant?

The first signs of pregnancy are morning sickness.

Does pregnant women can feel evening sickness?

yes. pregnant women can feel sick all times of day not just morning.

How soon afteR being pregnant will you feel morning sickness?

It's neither here nor there

Can i feel sick in the morning when im on my period as if it were morning sickness?

Yes you can, even if your not pregnant hormones from periods make u feel sick.

Do men get morning sickness?

A man can feel nauseous in the morning for various reason (ie hunger, anxiety,etc.) , but I assure you, not only is it not the same feeling that is caused by a pregnant woman's morning sickness, but it is also most definitely not brought about by the same reasons as a pregnant woman's morning sickness.

Is it normal for your stomach to hurt when your pregnant?

Yes, it is very normal to feel nauseous and have cramps during pregnancy. Some women experience morning sickness. This is when you feel very sick in the morning and you sometimes vomit. Relax, this is normal.

Do you feel sick when your pregnant?

Yes, one of the early symptoms that some people experience when pregnant is called morning sickness.

Can you have morning sickness and not throw up?

Absolutely. As a currently pregnant female, I can feel nauseous the whole day and not vomit once, or feel fine all day and randomly vomit. It is still morning sickness.

How does it feel when you conceive?

When you first conceive, you will not feel any different. Once you are about four weeks pregnant, you will start to have morning sickness.

How can you have morning sickness and not be preg?

Some people will wake up in the morning, and due to the fact that there is nothing on there stomach, or because of anxiety about the day ahead of them, can feel a bit nauseous. However, it is NOT the same feeling as a pregnant woman's morning sickness.

What do you feel when you have morning sickness?

I think I'm pregnant and it feels like you stomach is twisting uncontrolably like your on a roller coaster and then you feel the urge to be sick.

Do you always feel sick when you are pregnant?

Each woman is different, I never experienced any morning sickness at all while I was pregnant with my children. However I've known others that had morning sickness and were feeling lousy their whole pregnancies, it just depends on the person.

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