Impact on removal of board exams of class X?

IT is highly disappointing to cancel class 10 cbse results are entirely in the hands of school teachers.Some of them are used to of cutting marks of most of kids except the kids of their tution/liking.Now parents have to arrang tution by school teacher.Some reputed schools are conducting activities-Reading makind drawing dictation or marks on notebook or even on dress and attendance in most of the activities child gets 4 out of 5 or 2out of 3 they hardly provide full marks thus even kid manages to secure good marks in academics total will be much lower and this fact is proudly accepted by teachers.Moreover this activity scheme is not provided and is told orally to students if kid is absent they donot conduct activity again and kid gets zero.Now a good CBSE student will secure least marks in 10 as compared to his friends in ICSE and UP Board.I think in future parents will think twice to admit their kids in CBSE school.